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Due to popular demand, the Atlantic.Net Research and Development teams are creating an Autoscaling Container Orchestration and Deployment platform for the Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform.

Container Services create an abstraction layer away from the environment they are running upon. Containers are lightweight and easy to deploy and scale extremely well.

Whether you are looking to leverage libraries of vendor-approved, pre-built containers or your own existing application containers, the Atlantic.Net Container Engine will provide the support and functionality you are looking for.

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Docker support is currently available. ACP Container Engine and Managed
Kubernetes (K8s) are coming soon!

Please email [email protected] with subject line "Requesting preview access to Container
Engine and/or Managed Kubernetes" for an exclusive preview invite.

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Docker is synonymous with Containerization. It is still the most widely used standard for container applications, with a developer community that is second to none.

Docker support is currently available on Atlantic.Net as a one-click application that runs on Ubuntu 20.04 or through Windows 2016 Datacenter (with Containers/Docker as a server based-deployment). Both can be deployed in any of our seven data center locations in less than 30 seconds!

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Container Engine

Currently in development, the ACP Container Engine is our solution to managed container deployment. Your Docker containers can be stored securely within the Atlantic.Net Cloud in a private docker registry. You can then build and deploy containers automatically upon an ultra-fast, highly available platform.

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Managed Kubernetes

Currently in development, Managed Kubernetes (K8s) is coming soon to the Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform. Originally created by Google, Kubernetes is now fully open-source and actively maintained by the Cloud Native Foundation. K8s is an orchestration platform for container deployment automation simplifying the running and maintenance of containers at scale.

Kubernetes is the service mesh that manages the deployment of resources (workers). What makes it great for managed container deployment is the way it intelligently manages resources, perfect for Docker cloud CI/CD.

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