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Top 10 Best HIPAA Compliant Practice Management Software

Healthcare practices across the United States rely on numerous kinds of software to assist day-to-day operations and help everything run smoothly. These applications vary from administration software, chat tools, billing, forms, and data analysis tools. Any Healthcare application that processes or saves protected health information (PHI) must be protected by the physical, technical, and administrative safeguards of HIPAA compliance.

One of the easiest ways to meet the standards expected is to outsource IT services to a HIPAA-compliant hosting provider. This will open the door to a much greater choice of practice management software that is designed to take advantage of the built-in security features HIPAA-compliant cloud services provide.

Here is a collection of the top 10 HIPAA compliant practice management software:

1. Let’s Talk Interactive

Let’s Talk Interactive is a leading provider of HIPAA-compliant telehealth technology solutions, facilitating over three million minutes of remote telehealth sessions each month. Let’s Talk enables healthcare practices to provide remote telehealth in a secure and HIPAA-compliant environment.

Let’s Talk delivers a customizable and user-friendly web conferencing platform that is compatible with almost any operating system, web browser, or mobile phone. The company’s cloud-based telehealth platform is used by medical organizations ranging from solo practitioners to large-scale hospital networks, and we are delighted to partner with them as part of our HIPAA compliant hosting services.

2. Naologic Inc

Naologic Inc offers a completely visual, no-code HIPAA compliant application platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses build and customize their marketing, sales, operations, HR, training, and purchasing applications.

Healthcare practices often require bespoke applications that are specific to the practice. Naologic empowers non-technical healthcare professionals to build their very own applications in an easy-to-use package. No code really means no coding, you simply drag and drop how you want the data to flow, or you can make use of a large number of pre-designed modules.

3. Simple Practice

Simple Practice is an all-in-one provider of HIPAA-compliant software solutions for healthcare practices. You can purchase one or many healthcare applications, including scheduling software for keeping timely appointments and documentation portals for a secure and paperless practice.

Popular billing tools provide a user-friendly client-facing interface for simple payments, customer interactions, and everyday requests like prescriptions and receiving medical results.  There are several bundled client communication tools such as text, email, and instant chat services that have proven popular.

4. Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce is a major provider of enterprise software solutions. The Salesforce Health Cloud is an important client relationship manager (CRM) for healthcare and life sciences. It is a suite of HIPAA-compliant services that personalize patient engagement on a unified platform of clinical and non-clinical data.

Health Cloud aims to make sharing data a secure but simple process. Larger, often multi-practice healthcare organizations are more likely to benefit from Health Clouds collaboration features. Expand access to healthcare using digital self-service tools and enable healthcare professionals to collaborate deeply on a secure platform.

5. QGenda

QGenda is a suite of HIPAA-compliant tools that focus on managing the workforce and keeping the healthcare practice running smoothly. Scheduling tools keep the workforce running efficiently around the clock, while capacity tools help the practice by ensuring beds, operating rooms and examination rooms are always available.

QGenda integrates with Human Resources tools for easier team management. With QGenda, employees can access and securely update electronic health records and leverage billing systems that benefit patient interaction. As a result, healthcare organizations can streamline processes, improve access to data, and ensure providers are available to deliver care when and where it is needed.

6. Kalix

Kalix is a HIPAA-compliant EMR, practice management & telehealth solution for healthcare professionals. The platform is user-friendly and accessible 24×7. It integrates client care, scheduling, documentation, messaging & billing into a user-friendly platform.

Kalix works for large and small healthcare organizations and the service can be tailored to suit any practice workflow. It features all the tools necessary in a simple, cost-effective package.

7. Pabau

Pabau is a client relationship manager (CRM) for healthcare practices that works on all operating systems, mobile, and tablets. Pabau contains numerous tools such as appointment scheduling, paperless health records, online bookings, and payments.

There are many features for healthcare professionals to improve staff productivity, enhance collaboration, and provide accurate consultancy. Clinical trials,  medical research, and healthcare training are achievable via Kalix. Need help hiring the best talent or handling the efficient ordering of stock? Kalix has you covered.

8. CipherHealth: CipherConnect

CipherConnect is all about patient engagement and well-being and delivering care on a consistent level during every touchpoint at the practice; pre-care, point of care, and post-care. There is a heavy focus on mobile communications for booking appointments, informing patients of appointments, registrations, and check-in.

The app collects data for consent, forms, and payment information. This approach boosts patient satisfaction and helps with the smooth running of the practice, as well as helping to keep the revenue flowing with user-friendly payment options.

9. 10 x 8

10 x 8 is patient management software used by healthcare organizations to create and organize online bookings, forecast demand, and plan for busy times in the practice. Healthcare professionals benefit from accurate scheduling, reduced admin, and detailed reports about their patients.

To reduce no-shows, the scheduling platform sends automated SMS, email, and voicemails to the patients. Patients can even book slots on the practice website and sync appointments with their phone calendars.

10. TheraNest

TheraNest is a HIPAA compliant service that provides a platform for core practice services that saves healthcare professionals significant amounts of time and helps with accurate patient interactions. Therapy notes provide a templated form that carries patient data over between visits.

The payment platform performs quick and easy insurance claims, and all data can be conveniently saved in secure document storage, helping practices to go paperless. The suite features HIPAA compliant video conferencing, mobile app integration, and a patient support portal to reach out directly to patients.

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