Training is a mandatory requirement of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules first introduced in 2003. HIPAA requires the continuous training of employees that access or process Protected Health Information (PHI), and this requirement applies to any workforce member of a Covered Entity (CE) or Business Associate (BA). Humans are considered by many experts to be one of the weakest links in the entire security ecosystem; the Ponemon Institute estimates that 23% of all data breaches in 2020 were caused by Human Error.

The rules for HIPAA training are very generalized, and there are no direct guidelines of what the training requirements should be; instead, HIPAA emphasizes creating a necessary and appropriate training program using information gathered during the initial risk assessment. Employers must then tailor a training program towards the relevant employees.

Due to this lack of clarity, it is easy to see why outsourcing the training element to a specialist partner is becoming increasingly popular. As there are many options out there for HIPAA training, we have compiled a list of the top 10 HIPAA training companies in 2024.

1. Accountable HQ

Accountable provides companies with a complete solution to all the administrative requirements set out under HIPAA. Their platform is streamlined in five key checklists, which include assigning privacy officers, adopting policies & procedures, employee training, compliance risk assessment, and Business Associate Agreement. What makes Accountable so popular is the quality of the training material and that their pricing options include Unlimited Employee Training, with costs ranging from $359 to $1349 per month.


For more than 18 years,, a Digital Compliance company, has been helping organizations attain fast HIPAA compliance with minimum administrative effort. Their comprehensive HIPAA Awareness training provides each course participant with a nationally recognized certification. Their bilingual program provides cumulative discounts with no contracts and user support available 5 days/week.


MetricStream’s is the largest advisory network and online community of GRC professionals and experts. It is the trusted source for GRC practitioners worldwide seeking information, best practices, training, products, and tools on corporate governance, risk management, regulatory compliance, and quality management.

Hundreds of companies worldwide that handle sensitive client information turn to ComplianceOnline’s HIPAA training each year to ensure that they and their employees learn to do everything they can to keep their clients’ private information safe. offers a variety of channels for the dissemination and exchange of information through online training, events, workshops, content feeds, information search, discussion forums, and best practices library services. 

4. Total HIPAA

Total HIPAA Compliance offers the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution for quickly developing and implementing your organization’s personalized HIPAA compliance plan. Our compliance package, HIPAA Prime, provides you with interactive online HIPAA training, a thorough Risk Assessment, and compliance materials customized to meet your industry-specific requirements.

5. MedTrainer

MedTrainer is a leading cloud-based healthcare compliance training solution. HIPAA makes up only part of their content library, however, upon signup, you receive access to the full course library in addition to a management application that tracks employees who have been assigned the training, making the management of HIPAA compliance significantly easier. MedTrainer is more focused on Covered Entities and Healthcare Professionals.

6. ProTrainings is the first paid training course featured in our Top 10. ProTrainings offers a “ProHIPAA” certification training course for only $29.95. It has excellent content on HIPAA/HITECH requirements and the very latest healthcare compliance information. Importantly, the course emphasizes the employee’s role and responsibility under the HIPAA law, making it great content for the workforce.

7. Medscape

Medscape is highly recommended by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The content is primarily focused on the Final Omnibus Rules, and in particular, an Individual’s Right to Access and Obtain Their Health Information Under HIPAA. However, there is also a very detailed summary of HIPAA compliance included, which is excellent content. This content is also FREE, but it requires the user to register with the website first.

8. The HIPAA Academy

The HIPAA Academy is a premium training company that targets large and enterprise-scale healthcare organizations. They offer a Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP) training course and certification that is extremely popular. Currently, all courses are offered online, but classroom or onsite training is available under normal circumstances. What we liked were the detailed study guides and online support groups. The 3 day CHP course is $1295, plus around $700 for the exam, so it’s not cheap, but the content is well made and professional, and the online content delivery is superb.

9. The HIPAA Training Site

The HIPAA Training Site is another paid training resource, but all their content is dedicated to the legality side of HIPAA compliance. It was founded by a number of attorneys who have dissected the legislation in its entirety. Costs range from $25-$50 per employee, but only the $50 course for Compliance Officers offers a certification path.

10. Etactics K2 Akademy

Etactics’ K2 Akademy is a Learning Management System (LMS) as a service that provides over 40 different modules that cover a variety of HIPAA-related topics based on government mandates and real-world trends. Its content is interactive and entertaining while using proactive learning techniques through quizzes, workbooks, and activities that ensure workforce retention. Mandated training doesn’t have to be lousy, and K2 Akademy proves that.

Additional Resources:

State Attorneys General

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and the Department of Health and Human Services have published detailed training material online that focuses on HIPAA Rule Enforcement. It also gives a great overview of the HIPAA statute, the HITECH Act, the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Enforcement Rules, and the Breach Notification Rule. 

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