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SEO Optimized cloud server: Real World Scenario

SEO Optimized cloud VPS: Real World Scenario - Comic

One of the primary concerns of any online business is search engine relevance. Various elements are involved in strong SEO, as discussed in our three-part guide, “20 Steps to Make Your Content Rank Higher on Search Engines & Increase Conversions.” One common way to enhance your SERP (search engine result page) standing is to install applications on your server that make your site more attractive to the search engines.

Many times our users want to know about the capabilities of our cloud hosting plans. In our Real World Scenario series, we look at common questions that clients ask our staff. The below interaction occurred between our hosting consultant and a client concerning adding SEO tools to a Cloud Server. We will explore that interaction and discuss various options for general search engine optimization with your private cloud server.

Strong SEO with a cloud server

Client: Hi, is it possible for me to add SEO tools to my private cloud server?

Consultant: Our cloud server option is unmanaged so that you will have full root/administrative access to the server. You will be able to install any software you need. Please be aware of our Acceptable Use Policy when using the server. Generally speaking, though, you can install whatever you want.

Client: Since latency is a factor in SEO, is there any way for me to test your system?

Consultant: Yes, this is a link to the speed test, which will give you a sense of latency. If the speed of our cloud hosting environment meets your needs, we will need answers to the following questions to provide you with a proposal.

  1. What Operating System do you need? (We offer Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD.)
  2. How much RAM? (We offer resources for all sizes of projects and businesses.)
  3. How much data storage space?
  4. What level of management? (We offer fully managed services with all our infrastructural solutions.)


  1. Linux Centos 6.5
  2. At least 8GB
  3. At least 200GB
  4. No need.

Consultant: Excellent. Here is a link to our Hosting signup. You will need to choose the XXL plan to meet your storage requirement.

Client: Thank you!

Consultant: You’re welcome. Have a great day.

Great SEO strategies for your site

You can use a hosting service that offers strong technology built for speed. Fast processing starts with the hardware: solid-state drives (SSDs) offer up to 100 times the speed of hard disk drives (HDDs). Additionally, cloud computing is a structure built to deliver sites in an efficient and streamlined manner. Beyond choosing a reliable service to host your site, you can use the following steps – according to Justin James of TechRepublic – to get better SERP standings as well:

  1. Determine which URL is canonical – If two URLs lead to the same content (in other words, if one page has two different URLs), the search engines will treat each URL as a separate page. When Google thinks your one page is two different pages, you lose half the power of each URL. A Google system allows you to choose which URL is canonical so that the search engines know which ones you want to be credited.
  2. Show the essential words – Search engines used to be more susceptible to manipulation by spammers. Some text would be hidden from the typical site visitor, but it would appear in search engines. Search engines had to overcompensate to prevent this form of spam, so they typically do not process text invisible to the average user or only accessible via JavaScript. Don’t conceal the text that is most basic to your SEO efforts.
  3. Disability-conscious sites – Some elements of site design are beneficial for users who are disabled so that they can understand the content without being able to see or hear it. Search engines also appreciate it when you fill in optional fields better to describe links, images, and other content components.
  4. Optimize your title – Often, sites are set up to populate a standardized title and description for each page. Search engines have a much stronger preference for sites that display independent information in these fields, even when it’s automated. You can transfer the product name value from your database straight into the title field, for example.
  5. Better HTML – Sometimes HTML is messy. If the code isn’t streamlined, the load times are increased, damaging your search rankings. James particularly recommends against ASP.NET WebForms if you want your HTML to be clean and quickly scannable.

SEO can be enhanced with a strong cloud hosting service, but several strategies can also assist your Google efforts. By implementing a few simple tactics, you can improve your ranking so that your site reaches its intended audience. We also offer support for WordPress VPS hosting setups, including HIPAA-compliant WordPress hosting – sign up today!

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