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How to set up a TeamSpeak server on CentOS 6.6

Michael Douse
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In this article, we will go over how to set up a TeamSpeak (v3) server on a freshly provisioned CentOS 6.6 cloud server.


-You will need to provision a CentOS 6.6 (32 bit or 64 bit) server.

-SFTP Client such as WinSCP.

Install TeamSpeak on CentOS 6.7

First we will need to go download the TeamSpeak Server files. You can find them here. Make sure to choose the correct architecture (x86 for 32-bit, amd64 for 64-bit):

Download TeamSpeak version

Download TeamSpeak version


Next we will go download an SFTP client so we can transfer the TeamSpeak Server file to our cloud server. You can download WinSCP from HERE. You can choose either the installation package or the portable version.

Download WinSCP

Download WinSCP


Now to open up the required ports in the firewall. These are the default ports we will open:

UDP: 9987 – Default voice port.
TCP: 10011 – Default file transfer port.
TCP: 30033 – Default server-query port.


Edit the following with a text editor of your choice. For this article, we will be using “nano”:

nano /etc/sysconfig/iptables

Add the following lines before the REJECT rules:

-A INPUT -p udp -m multiport --dports 9987 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -p tcp -m multiport --dports 10011,30033 -j ACCEPT

Add rules to IPtables

Add rules to IPtables

Once you are done, save your changes and exit from nano with CTRL O + Enter, and CTRL X. Then restart IPtables:

service iptables restart

Verify that the rules are in place:

iptables -L -n
Verify IPtables rules.

Verify IPtables rules.

That’s it for the firewall configuration.


Time to create a separate user for the TeamSpeak server. Call this user whatever you wish, but for the sake of this how-to, I will be using “ts3srv”:

useradd ts3srv
passwd ts3srv

Now change to the home folder of the user we just created:

su ts3srv

At this point, we will need to upload the TeamSpeak server package we downloaded earlier. Open WinSCP and type your server IP in the “Host name” input box along with the ts3srv username and password you chose. Then click on “Login”:

WinSCP - Connect to your server.

WinSCP – Connect to your server.

 Note: The first time you connect to your server, you will receive a warning that the host is unknown. Don’t worry, click “Yes” to accept the host key.

Host Key Warning - WinSCP

Host Key Warning – WinSCP

Once you are connected, you will be dropped into the home directory of the ts3srv user we created. Just drag and drop the file we downloaded into the main window:

Upload TeamSpeak server package.

Upload TeamSpeak server package.

You can now verify that the file is on the server with the “ls” command:

Verify upload completion.

Verify upload completion.

Time to install the package:

tar xvfz teamspeak3-server_linux-amd64-
cd teamspeak3-server_linux-amd64

Note: Your command may be slightly different depending the version that you downloaded or if you chose the 32-bit version.

Now start the TeamSpeak server with the following command.

./ start
Start the TeamSpeak server.

Start the TeamSpeak server.

WARNING: Make sure to copy down all information that is shown. It WILL NOT be shown again.

Once you copy down the Server Query Admin Account password and the ServerAdmin privilege key, you can hit CTRL + C to exit out. The server will remain running in the background.

Now open up your TeamSpeak client and go join your server!

You will need the password and privilege key that you should have copied down in the previous step:

Connect to your TeamSpeak server

Connect to your TeamSpeak server


That’s it!  Now go ahead and edit the default channel and/or start adding new channels. Once you are ready, just give your clients the IP address of the server to connect.

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