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Client: [continued]

The need to host the iFax system is a requirement for me.  Do you have a solution that could accommodate this?


We can provide you with world-class cloud Hosting on our Public / Private cloud hosting platform except for the iFax OS. We can provide you with a Virtualized Private Dedicated server for the iFax ISO and connect it to our Public Cloud / Private cloud platform through a VPN.

Pricing is below for the Virtualized Dedicated Server, containing the following parameters:

  • Custom iFax ISO
  • I3-3240 Dual Core 3.4 GHz w/HT
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 2 X 240 GB SSD RAID 1
  • LSI Hardware RAID Card

$ xxx per month on a month-to-month agreement with a $ xxxx setup fee (vs. $ xxx per month on a 12-month agreement).

$ xxx setup fee to install the VPN connection with the Public Cloud / Private cloud platform.

If you decide to proceed, please contact me so we can set up the account for you.

On the Public Cloud / private cloud side, you will have to choose from the server configurations we have available because we cannot create custom configurations.


Excellent. Thank you for the discount when purchasing a 12-month contract.  We like this offer very much and would like to accept. What is the best way to proceed?  I can create an online account and include payment details there, or I’m happy to call and provide payment details over the phone.  Please advise on how you would prefer to continue forward.  Thank you for your assistance. I look forward to hosting our applications with you.


We need you to provide us with the Cloud servers you wish to deploy based on the configurations we have listed on our website. We also need to know if you wish to add daily backup to the cloud servers and also if you require cPanel on any of the servers. On the dedicated server that will host the iFax ISO, I did not include Daily Backup in the pricing. If you need daily backup, it will be an extra $45.00 per month.

At this time, do not open an account online, but we also need the following information so we can put together the agreement:

  • Full Company Name
  • Billing Address
  • Tax ID Number (if available)
  • State of Incorporation (if available)
  • Main Contact with phone number and email address
  • Billing Contact with phone number and email address
  • Technical Contacts with a phone number and email addresses.


Excellent. I’ll compile this information and get it to you ASAP—one quick question regarding the private cloud servers.  I can submit that to you, or I’m happy to configure it myself online.  Which do you prefer?  How will this work going forward, given that we have the VPN to the iFax server?  Can I manually create additional VMs and add them to my cloud, or should I contact your support team?  Lastly, I have a number of servers I need now and more that I’ll need in 4-6 months.  If I send my configuration to you, rather than configure it manually, do you want the full list or the list of servers I need now?


Sure, sorry for the confusion. You will be using the Cloud server control panel to configure and manage your servers just like any other customer. The iFax server will be independent of the Cloud control panel, and it will be connected via VPN.

After you sign up on our website, please contact me.

Let me know if you have any questions pertaining to the dedicated server agreement.


No problems at all. It’s been a full day, but I’ve signed the document and received confirmation. Thank you, and have a great weekend!

Meeting unique needs with hybrid cloud

A new study by Avere Systems, based on surveys collected at two 2014 New York trade shows (Amazon Web Services Summit and Cloud Expo) confirmed the accuracy of Gartner’s prediction that the hybrid cloud is set to explode. Gartner had forecast in fall 2013 that almost 50% of enterprises would have active hybrid clouds by 2017, and this Avere analysis (released October 21, 2014) revealed that 58% of companies are building hybrid clouds. The study, which polled 205 executives, also found that leadership planning for the cloud was divided: 26% reported that high-level personnel were driving those initiatives, and 22% said that technology professionals directly managing data were the primary cloud decision-makers.

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By Moazzam Adnan