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The Best One-Click Apps for VPS Hosting

Requisitioning a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is often one of the first steps individuals or organizations take when looking to develop a web presence. Other options, like hosting the website on a physical server or sharing a server with other customers, are either more expensive or less flexible. In most cases, a VPS is the best choice. It offers clients a secure and economical method of getting up and running on the web.

One of the factors that can influence your choice of a VPS hosting provider is the availability of software tools and packages to run on your server. Even the most high-performing and technologically advanced virtual server makes a poor website without the addition of the right software. Once you have settled on a hosting solution, it’s time to make it functional by installing software that addresses your requirements.

A perk that many top-notch web-hosting providers offer their customers is the availability of one-click software installation. Depending on your needs, some providers may have a more attractive portfolio of one-click apps than others. This article will look at the best one-click apps for clients hosting their websites on virtual private servers.

Why Do You Want One-Click Apps?

One-click apps are beneficial for all web-hosting customers for one main reason. The simplicity of a one-click methodology removes the complexity of manual installations of software on web servers. Hosting providers offer a streamlined installation path as a perk to their clients that allows them to more easily construct the type of website they want.

Traditional software installation methods can be challenging for even the most experienced technophiles. Many new VPS customers are not technically proficient developers. A lot of prospective web-hosting clients have average computing skills at best but are looking to develop a web presence for business reasons or to present information to a worldwide audience.

At a minimum, installing software on the web requires multiple steps. Many new hosting clients would find it very difficult to perform these procedures without engaging professional help or incurring undue stress. A common installation involves:

Determining system requirements – Before initiating any software installation, it’s necessary to verify that a system meets the minimum requirements. This can be complicated and may require some serious research and a substantial time investment.

Ensuring code support – Language support on the VPS is an essential ingredient in getting applications to run successfully. You need to make sure that the PHP version required by an app is compatible with your server and other software with which it will interact.

Setting permissions correctly – Setting permissions is vitally important for website security. It can also be a very complex undertaking. A small permission error can enable unauthorized access to your server, making it imperative that the procedure is performed correctly.

Creating databases -A database needs to be created to store and manage information on the website. This too can be complicated and beyond the technical skills of many potential VPS customers.

Installing third-party application extensions – Third-party code libraries, applications, and extensions may be necessary to complete the installation of the original app.

The complexity involved with getting an application to run smoothly on a VPS can make the process extremely challenging. That’s the reason hosting providers offer a one-click installation path. The complications we have just outlined are eliminated when installing one-click apps. With one-click apps, providers make it easy for their customers to make the most efficient use of their valuable time and virtual private servers.

What Are Some of the Best One-Click Apps?

Now that you have a sense of why VPS hosting providers offer one-click app installation, the next question to consider is which apps will be the most useful when developing, designing, and maintaining your website. Here are our choices for the most beneficial one-clicks apps to use with a virtual private server.


WordPress is an extremely popular content management system (CMS) that powers millions of websites. Its popularity derives from its simplicity, ease-of-use, and large user support community. This has made it very attractive for setting up a website or blog by non-technical customers.

A WordPress site is customizable using the many themes and plugins made available by the professional and user community. The application makes it easy to create impressive personal or business websites and gets them up and running fast.  There is a large range of technical users from beginners to advanced that utilize WordPress for their website needs.


cPanel is the industry-leading hosting platform that makes it easy for users to automate the management tasks necessary when operating a website. It features a simple and intuitive interface that facilitates efficient website administration. cPanel is very customizable and can be used by resellers to promote their business through improved branding along with more advanced hosting options for that next level of a web presence.

Some of the tasks simplified by cPanel include setting up and managing email accounts, database management, and handling backup and recovery processes. cPanel eliminates many of the technical hurdles faced by new website designers while providing a graphical user interface to make navigating and administrating your website easy.

October CMS

This app is a modern CMS that provides an alternative to WordPress. October CMS is primarily designed for use by developers and is not as easy to use as WordPress. It can also function as a flat-file CMS, eliminating the need for a database. October CMS is more lightweight than WordPress and enables more granular control and management of new features.


This app is a self-hosted productivity platform that helps users collaborate and share information. NextCloud enables data to be protected, controlled, and monitored across the whole organization. The app allows secure emails and video chats without the risk of data leaks.  NextCloud is a must-have One-Click App that solves a lot of company-related needs especially in the new economy where some of your workers will now be remote.


LAMP is an acronym for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It’s a development stack used for developing and building dynamic websites. Linux provides the operating system, Apache is the web server software, MySQL is the database solution, and PHP is the programming language used to tie it all together. It’s the most popular development stack on the web.  This One-Click app is mostly for developers and to get the website project underway as quick as possible.  This is not a beginner-oriented One-Click app.


LEMP is a similar development stack that replaces the Apache web server component with Nginx. It offers users the tools necessary to create and customize websites using the simpler and potentially faster Nginx web server software.  This One-Click app, just like a LAMP stack above, is mostly for developers and to get the website project underway as quickly as possible.  This is not a beginner-oriented One-Click app.


MySQL is the leading open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) in the world. Its popularity is demonstrated by its inclusion in the LAMP and LEMP development stacks. MySQL has a large user community that can help provide online support and help keep the RDBMS solution secure.


Docker is a development framework that streamlines the process of creating innovative apps in software containers. Containers isolate an application from its environment, making it easier to create more robust and cloud-based solutions. It has become the de-facto industry standard for building containerized apps.


Node.js is an open-source server environment that runs on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, and macOS. It employs asynchronous programming, which is more memory-efficient and potentially much faster than routines written in PHP or ASP.

Where Can I Get These One-Click Apps?

Atlantic.Net is a full-service web hosting provider that offers customers a wide range of options enabling them to tailor a VPS to their business requirements. All the one-click apps discussed above are available when you choose Atlantic.Net for your VPS hosting provider. They provide an excellent platform for getting your website implemented quickly with all the features it needs to succeed.

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