Part 1: Performance and Technology

In this blog series, we will be focusing on some of the many advantages that Atlantic.Net has over its competitors in the cloud computing sector. While Atlantic.Net is not the largest cloud provider, we are absolutely a major leader in our sector. Businesses of all sizes utilize Atlantic.Net, especially small and medium businesses who trust Atlantic.Net to power their business ventures. We serve countless startups and personal users looking to maximize their bang-for-buck.

We also have a significant number of US healthcare organizations that trust Atlantic.Net to provide always-available HIPAA-compliant hosting services. Where would we be without our outstanding healthcare professionals over the last 14 months? As a business, we are extremely proud that they trust Atlantic.Net to get the job done.

The Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform (ACP) has grown into a global cloud community supporting tens of thousands of businesses around the world on their cloud journey. Users choose Atlantic.Net for our global presence, cost savings, our technical support, and the unprecedented performance of our cloud platform. We may not be the biggest cloud provider, but our size gives us many advantages over hyper-scale cloud providers.

The Atlantic.Net Difference

Cloud Performance

Atlantic.Net invests heavily in technology and cloud hardware. Our data centers are built and managed to exact standards. Security is paramount to us, as we provide hosting and support in heavily regulated industries, such as healthcare and payment services, which requires an infrastructure that is designed to be high performing, fault-tolerant, and inherently secure both internally and externally.

The entire cloud environment runs on the latest generation of Intel and AMD hardware, all host storage systems run a minimum of SSD for superb data transfer rates, and the network layer operates on carrier-neutral data center facilities, consisting of multiple top tiered network providers. Our system is designed to automatically select the fastest route to transfer your data.

Cloud Security Technology

Cloud security is essential for every cloud provider. While many of the big players in cloud hosting give you the tools, you must then go and implement the security yourself. That might be fine if you are a Certified Cloud Engineer, but may not be so good if you don’t have a degree in computer science.

Atlantic.Net’s managed services help take away this complexity. Not only is the cloud platform secured by specialist Atlantic.Net engineers, but our support teams will also make sure your MFA is configured correctly and help to manage the containment, flow, and security of data in your cloud environment. This will save you time, effort, and resources, enabling you to focus on their core business.

Atlantic.Net’s Data Center infrastructure is routinely inspected and is fully audited and SOC 2 TYPE II and SOC 3 TYPE II certified. Rest assured, your systems are secure with Atlantic.Net Hosting Solutions. Utilizing our solutions eliminates regulation concerns, as we offer PCI, HIPAA, HITECH, and SOC 2 TYPE II and SOC 3 TYPE II compliance.

We take care of regulatory compliance so that you can focus on growing your business. This approach greatly improves resource utilization and decreases overall operational costs. If you are a healthcare customer, you can opt for an Intrusion Protection System. This system requires high-performance networking equipment (provided by Atlantic.Net) to enable superfast throughput, with performance so fast it’s impossible to tell that each packet of data hitting the network goes through deep packet inspection!

Cost Incentives

Cost is hugely important to our customers, so we work hard to provide extremely competitive pricing on all of our cloud plans. We also understand that customers want the latest and greatest hardware as part of their cloud services.

Each plan offers great value for money, especially when you consider the infrastructure that underpins the service. We used the AWS price calculator to compare our prices with AWS.

AWS Atlantic.Net
Location N. Virginia N. Virginia
Uptime Guarantee 99.95% 100%
Instance Type a1.2xlarge G3.16GB
vCPU 8 6
Storage 320GB gp3 320GB SSD
Network up to 10GB Up to 7,000GB
Cost per month


$174 $80

Note: Query ran on 16th May 2021. We decided to omit the AWS Miami data center which is geographically much closer to our Florida data center. However, AWS Miami was significantly more expensive.

While it’s true that you get 2 extra cores with AWS, the storage speed is comparable and the RAM is identical. But importantly, the price for AWS is significantly inflated. You can decide for yourself, but we believe this demonstrates significant value to our customers.

Technical Support

One factor often overlooked when choosing a cloud provider is the available support services. Some users may never have to call technical support, but it’s important to have a team of knowledgeable professionals available 24x7x365 just in case. Many of the bigger cloud providers hide their technical support behind a premium support paywall, and smaller consumers have to wait a lengthy period for a successful response.

Having USA-based tech support also helps with HIPAA-Compliance and other regulations. When dealing with such requirements, it helps to ensure that your data doesn’t leave the country or is handled by someone outside the country.

Our support team stands ready to assist you and is always a call or message away. We provide professional support 24/7/365 via phone and email. You have full access to a dedicated support team capable of solving any technical problem you throw their way.

Atlantic.Net is different from many providers in that all our support personnel are based in the United States. We provide American jobs for American people and our teams are available around the clock. The Atlantic.Net team has earned national recognition for the company’s growth and superior customer service. We extend our gratitude to our business partners and loyal customers for helping us rise to the top!

Atlantic.Net: The Right Size for Your Cloud Server Hosting Needs

At Atlantic.Net, we partner with you to develop cloud hosting solutions tailored to your needs. We’re big enough to offer enterprise-level solutions and small enough to care about what you want by providing just the right amount of guidance.

We bring you reliable, high-quality services and support at reasonable prices with well-located data centers like our Ashburn/Reston hosting data center. Contact us and learn more about why we’re the right size for your cloud server and virtual private server hosting needs.