Part 2: Compliance Hosting

This is part 2 of our blog mini-series, “Why Is Atlantic.Net the Right Choice Over Other Cloud Providers?” This time, we’ll explore how Atlantic.Net is leagues ahead when it comes to compliance hosting. Throughout our 30 years in business, Atlantic.Net has helped countless businesses reach the required standards for different types of compliance hosting. Many of the goals required to achieve a compliant status are extremely difficult to achieve in-house for most IT teams, which means partnering with a Cloud Hosting Provider that specializes in this field is an important consideration.

What Do We Mean by Compliance Hosting?

Two main types of compliance impact our customers. The first is when government legislation imposes a legal requirement to reach a required level of standards for IT services to be authorized to operate in this sector. Healthcare and legal are two industries that are heavily regulated by the US Government.

The second type of compliance is a recommended compliance to meet and exceed industry standards. While there are no legal government requirements to become compliant with these types of standards, more often than not, these standards must be achieved to provide or access a specific IT service. The financial sector is one such industry, as banks and merchants require certain levels of security and protection to use their services.

What Compliance Hosting Does Atlantic.Net Provide?

There are three key industries that Atlantic.Net serves with Compliance hosting and solutions. These are:

We will go into detail about these three specializations a little later, but it’s important for us to demonstrate our capabilities in these industries. We take our certifications and partnerships seriously and take pride in our accreditations from some of the biggest names in the industry.

What Accreditations Does Atlantic.Net Have?

HIPAA Audited – We are HIPAA Audited for our hosting solutions and data centers. Our support, management, and business processes are fully compliant with HIPAA standards, making us the best choice for your healthcare hosting needs

HITECH Audited – Atlantic.Net is audited and compliant with the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) standards for privacy and security of confidential Electronic Health Record (EHR) data. This certification ensures we are the best choice for your healthcare hosting and data confidentiality requirements.

PCI-DSS Ready – Atlantic.Net’s hosting solutions are PCI ready to help you conduct all of your online business needs. We provide secure, robust, and proven network and compute architecture to help your company become PCI-compliant for the added security of your online transactions.

These are the big three standards that Atlantic.Net are well known for, but we are also AICPA SOC 2 and SOC 3 audited. These accreditations ensure that Atlantic.Net provide information management and network technology assurance that adheres to AICPA best practice and ethical standards and that our internal controls, security policies, data processing, and client confidentiality among the highest standards available for a managed service provider

HIPAA-Compliant Hosting

One key factor that makes Atlantic.Net better than other providers is our world-class healthcare hosting. We are famous for HIPAA-compliant solutions and are proud to host an extensive number of US healthcare organizations in our US data centers.

We offer fully managed HIPAA compliant hosting solutions for all of your HIPAA servers, and our high-performance website, database, and storage servers are available in both Dedicated and HIPAA Compliant Cloud environments backed by our 100% uptime guarantee.

Head over to our main HIPAA-Compliant hosting page to get extensive details about all of the HIPAA-Compliant services we provide.

Pharma and Biotech Solutions

Atlantic.Net has a growing relationship with universities, researchers, and the life science industry. This is for two reasons.

First, our HIPAA-Compliant standards are a great match for Pharma and Biotech, and a great way to ensure privacy standards are achieved.

Second, the sheer performance of the Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform (ACP) is perfect for on-demand research. More and more biotech businesses are offloading their workloads to our cloud computing to speed up their results.

Partnering with a highly regulated managed hosting provider can help life science companies drive innovation, boost global collaboration, and deliver enhanced security and compliance.

With a significant number of heavily regulated healthcare clients, Atlantic.Net provides a secure, reliable, and affordable HIPAA cloud hosting environment – perfect for life sciences organizations that work with healthcare big data.

PCI Hosting Solutions

The payment card industry is growing as more businesses focus online. If your business accepts credit card payments, we’ve got you covered with PCI-compliant cloud hosting.

You can focus on running your business knowing your cloud VPS is securely and properly handling your customers’ sensitive credit card information when passing through credit card payments on your website or app.

The Atlantic.Net Difference

The biggest difference between Atlantic.Net and our competitors is that our services are personal, and we don’t offer a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solution, unlike the hyper-scale cloud providers. Atlantic.Net knows that each customer is different. We don’t just give you the platform; we provide the entire wrap-around service to customize the solution for your needs.

Atlantic.Net partners with you to develop cloud hosting solutions tailored to your needs. We’re big enough to offer enterprise-level solutions and agile enough to care about what you want by providing just the right amount of guidance, and if you need help, our US-based support teams are available 24x7x365

We bring you reliable, high-quality services and support at reasonable prices with well-located data centers like our Ashburn, San Francisco, New York, and more hosting data centers. Contact us and learn more about why we’re the right size for your complaint server hosting needs.