This plan is no longer available as of April 7, 2015

The  $.99 cloud Server “Go” plan includes a 256MB Linux or FreeBSD virtual machine, 10GB of SSD storage, and 1TB of outbound bandwidth which will dramatically reduce the cost of developing the next big idea

We are pleased to announce the availability of our newly launched $.99 server “Go” plan. Aggressively priced, the new server includes a 256MB Linux or FreeBSD Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server), 10GB of SSD storage, and 1TB of outbound bandwidth (unlimited inbound bandwidth). Also included is A+B redundant power on each server, enterprise SSDs, RAID redundant storage, multiple Internet uplinks, optional backup, and much more.

Atlantic.Net is enabling early-stage and bootstrapped startups, along with indie developers, the opportunity to advance their business and give back to the ever-growing cloud ecosystem. By radically lowering the entry cost for a server, Atlantic.Net continues to encourage developers to use the power of the cloud to help imagine the next big thing for their business and the world. Atlantic.Net has effectively reduced the barrier of entry for people who want to learn to code, create apps and take advantage of virtual machines.

When we started our business, the concept of the Internet was largely a dream. Similarly, we want to inspire developers to tinker, toy, and imagine the next big thing. We want to invest in our customers to help them get going with their ideas while at the same time growing the cloud market ten times and making this a global phenomenon.

As well as the other valuable features, the $.99 server “Go” plan offers pay-as-you-go, per second billing with no term commitment and is up and running in just 30 seconds. These features make the $.99 server “Go” plan ideal for developers and entrepreneurs looking to unveil new concepts and grow their startups with reduced financial risk. Backed by Enterprise SSDs, the $0.99 servers can also take advantage of other features such as additional IPs, backup, DNS, SSH keys, multiple server locations, 40 gigabit Infiniband networking, and more.

When a developer is ready to scale up or add additional capacity, users can resize existing servers into more extensive plans (including CPU, RAM, and disk space) or additional Linux, FreeBSD, or Windows VPS hosting servers on-demand. The $.99 server “Go” plan is just one of the many innovative offerings Atlantic.Net is coming to market with as it continues to build and grow its infrastructure based on feedback from the community.