Private Cloud vs. Virtualized Environment

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In a previous post, we explored the value of a “private cloud” solution for clients who want the advantages of getting their IT Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), but who also need to comply with particular data privacy regulations. Private cloud is often compared to (or confused with) “virtualized environments” or “virtualization”. Some of the confusion comes from the fact that different service providers use the terms in slightly different, often overlapping, ways. However, at Atlantic.Net we believe there’s an important difference between the two, and we’re very proud of the private clouds we’ve deployed as well as the sophisticated virtualized environments we’ve developed for clients in a range of industries.

Our approach to virtualization is indeed very close to a “private cloud” concept – in both types of system the client has dedicated data center hardware that is controlled, monitored and managed through a hypervisor layer. Both these solutions allow optimal compliance with applicable regulatory issues, and also permit clients to keep their existing IT hardware, if desired.

The key difference is that while private cloud is a characteristic Atlantic.Net product (i.e. it typically uses an Atlantic.Net hypervisor); virtualization is a custom solution derived from a detailed consultation with the client, in which we design an infrastructure and select a hypervisor entirely based on the client’s needs. Thus virtualization is the most personalized and most exclusive cloud-based solution available, and it’s sometimes the best fit for very demanding client applications. Virtualized environments give us complete freedom to take existing IT hardware move it to a secure data center, establish the requisite access and permissions for remote client use, and manage the entire solution.

A virtualized environment extends the capabilities of cloud computing solutions to cover nearly anything you can require for your business – servers, management, security, storage, remote work, and more. Since the category is so flexible – and capabilities are constantly evolving – the most relevant definition is what it means to your business in particular. To find out, call and speak with an experienced professional from Atlantic.Net.

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