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Side-Stepping the Roadblock: Linking Cloud Computing to Legacy Infrastructure

Almost four out of every five IT decision-makers feel hemmed in by traditional computing systems, according to a recent survey. Companies that want to move confidently into the future – at least for now – must figure out how best to integrate their legacy architectures with the cloud.

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10 Nuggets from the 2015 Cloud Computing Stats

  • Power: Supercomputers & Leapfrogging
  • Statistical Nugget #1 – Cisco
  • Statistical Nugget #2 – Centaur Partners
  • Statistical Nugget #3 – Computerworld
  • Statistical Nugget #4 – Forrester
  • Statistical Nugget #5 – Forrester
  • Statistical Nugget #6 – Goldman Sachs
  • Statistical Nugget #7 – Network World
  • Statistical Nugget #8 – IDC
  • Statistical Nugget #9 – IDC
  • Statistical Nugget #10 – IDC
  • Cloud from a Proven Provider, Not a Startup

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The Fluff-Free, Research-Driven Cloud

This report will review five cloud predictions made earlier this year by IBM’s Gery Menegaz, as follows:

  • Setting aside the fluff
  • Prediction #1: Better software access
  • Prediction #2: Astronomical expansion
  • Prediction #3: Continuing shift to hybrid models
  • Prediction #4: Stronger development focus
  • Prediction #5: Disruptive levels of innovation
  • The research-driven cloud.

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You Have a Supercomputer in Your Hand

This article recommends a cPanel cloud VPS (virtual private server) to meet your cloud computing needs and have full control of your server environment. First, though, we explore broad cloud technology impact on our lives, through the following sections:

  • Introduction: Where the cloud is headed
  • Wall Street Journal: You have a supercomputer in your hand
  • Atlantic.Net: cPanel cloud VPS hosting.

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Why Reinstall Windows 2008/2012? Get OS-Ready Cloud VPS Instead.

This report argues for the use of an OS-ready cloud VPS (virtual private server) to replace a crashed standard PC system, through exploration of the following topics:

>>> CIO: Cloud & rise of the third platform
>>> Wall Street Journal: How cloud changes our lives
>>> Atlantic.Net: Windows cloud VPS hosting

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Atlantic.Net Launches $.99 Server “Go” Plan To Push The Advancement Of Startup Innovation

This plan is no longer available as of April 7, 2015

The $.99 Server “Go” plan includes a 256MB Linux or FreeBSD virtual machine, 10GB of SSD storage, and 1TB of outbound bandwidth which will dramatically reduce the cost of developing the next big idea

We are pleased to announce the availability of our newly launched $.99 server “Go” plan. Aggressively priced, the new server includes a 256MB Linux or FreeBSD Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server), 10GB of SSD storage, and 1TB of outbound bandwidth (unlimited inbound bandwidth). Also included is A+B redundant power on each server, enterprise SSDs, RAID redundant storage, multiple Internet uplinks, optional backup, and much more.

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Common Questions of SSD Cloud VPS Users – A Real World Scenario

SSD vs. HDD joke

Our blog functions, in part, to present typical interactions between our hosting consultants and individual clients. The users of our hosting solutions often have similar questions, and this “Real World Scenario” series allows us to highlight helpful information provided in these discussions. The below dialogue is based on an exchange between our staff and a potential customer interested in our SSD Cloud VPS (virtual private server) offerings.

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Marketing in the Internet of Things – How Web 3.0 Will Change the Way Businesses Connect with Consumers

marketing humor

The CEO of Cisco, John Chambers, noted in January that the Internet of Things (IoT), otherwise known as Web 3.0, is going to skyrocket into a $19 trillion industry. He made the comment at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. In his keynote presentation (which included a comedy spotlight by Sarah Silverman), Chambers discussed a future, not-so-distant reality in which Internet-connected devices all around us will already know our preferences and can adapt to suit our expectations.

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Predictive Analytics, Predictive Modeling, and the Parameters of the Predictive Cloud for Your Business

cloud server humor

Certainly cloud computing is growing astronomically, much of it in the public cloud (the standard model). However, a trend has emerged in which businesses are shifting from the public cloud to a managed private cloud (not always necessary, as described below). The reason that is occurring is that the companies desire more predictability, both in costs and performance.

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Cloud Computing for Business Optimization: Developing a Competitive Edge with Improved Customer Engagement and Faster Innovation (Comic)

cloud computing humor

Let’s face it: the cloud is growing. Why is the cloud so hot in the technology world and in the business world generally? And is it developing as strongly and quickly as we think? The term cloud is so widely used and frequently misunderstood – with 51% of people thinking the cloud is impacted by changing weather patterns – that it seems at times to resemble a fad. It is anything but.

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