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Biotech AI is an emerging field that combines the principles of biotechnology with the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI). Biotech AI uses machine learning algorithms and other techniques such as unsupervised, reinforcement, and deep learning to analyze complex biological data, identify patterns and insights, and develop new drugs and treatments.

The Impact of Cloud Computing in the Pharma and Life Sciences Space

If ever there was an industry sector that could benefit from migrating to a cloud-based infrastructure, it’s the Pharma and Life Sciences sector! Innovation and growth within Pharma and Life Sciences companies is strong, and these companies must turn to cloud computing solutions to power them through the vast changes taking place within the sector.

Healthcare Cloud Service Adoption 2022: How Cloud Providers are Mitigating Risk with Patient Health Records

With the exponential growth of uptake of healthcare cloud services, the healthcare cloud computing business sector is growing significantly in kind. Some conservative estimates suggest that the industry could be worth over $40 billion by 2026, and back in 2014, Forbes suggested that 82% of healthcare companies had a cloud presence, a figure that has […]

Applied Cloud Computing in Higher Education

The current global pandemic has made it essential for educational institutions to fully embrace the power of the cloud. University professors and researchers are turning to cloud-based technologies to provide and maintain their online resources and, as the benefits of cloud computing align perfectly with the key priorities of the higher education sector, this transition […]

Why Do Biotech and Pharma Need So Much Computing Power in the Cloud?

Uptake of new technologies is traditionally slow for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies due to strict regulation and compliance issues. However, these organizations are increasingly harnessing the power of cloud computing to reduce costs and streamline their workloads. Emerging technologies have the potential to change the way in which these industries operate. By optimizing data sharing […]

Orangeworm: Need-to-Know Information for Healthcare IT

A security report released on April 23, 2018 found that there was a growing threat presented by Orangeworm, a cybercrime alliance that was going after organizations within healthcare and similar fields using a backdoor known as Kwampirs. Kwampirs is a Trojan horse, as indicated by the NJ Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Cell. When attackers deploy […]

Could Cloud Computing Cure Cancer?

Angelina Jolie used genomic sequencing to learn that she was highly likely to eventually develop breast cancer, allowing her to make an informed decision and get a double mastectomy. However, celebrities aren’t the only ones who can benefit from advanced genetic analysis – which is now much more affordable and accessible thanks to projects such […]

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