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Top 10 Healthcare Software Development Companies

With the global digital health market estimated to be worth around $660 billion by 2025, more and more businesses and organizations are turning to leading healthcare software development companies to engineer quality software that will streamline the delivery of their services. Healthcare software development covers many sectors of the growing healthcare industry, including primary and secondary care, financing, data management, appointment scheduling, clinical research, and the manufacture and supply of medical equipment.

Whether you are part of a large healthcare organization seeking to design and implement a state-of-the-art healthcare app, or a small doctors’ practice looking to construct a simple billing and financing solution, there is a healthcare software development company to help you. Here, we collate the top 10 Healthcare Software Development Companies, considering their features, pricing structure, and experience in the industry.

Top Healthcare Software Development Companies

1. ScienceSoft

In healthcare IT since 2005, ScienceSoft brings together time-proof reliability and innovation. Working with healthcare providers and medical software vendors around the globe, ScienceSoft offers medical software development services and has successfully completed over 100 projects. 

ScienceSoft’s passionate teams successfully plan, build, and support award-winning medical solutions to help their customers meet their business goals and drive high ROI from their IT projects. Proficient in advanced techs like AI, ML, blockchain, and image analysis, ScienceSoft takes the lead both in innovative and process-oriented medical projects. Its customers point out that ScienceSoft’s teams are reliable, thorough, extremely good communicators, and very friendly. 

2. Novelty Technology

Novelty Technology provides its clients with end-to-end software solutions, taking their ideas from the concept and design stage to implementation and ongoing support. In addition, they partner with a leading HIPAA-compliant hosting provider to ensure that the services they provide comply with the necessary healthcare regulations.

Novelty Technology employs a skilled and experienced team to offer its clients high-quality solutions, including web and mobile app development, UI and UX graphic design, cloud and API development, data analysis and reporting, and the modernization of legacy infrastructure. In addition, they strive to reduce costs and maximize ROI by eliminating corporate overheads and other unnecessary expenses.

3. ZDI

ZDI is a leading New York-based digital marketing company and a proud partner of Atlantic.Net. With strong ties to HIPAA-compliant organizations, ZDI designs and delivers powerful digital branding and marketing solutions to healthcare clients. The services offered by ZDI include comprehensive digital marketing consultation, strategy, & analysis, SEO, SEM, UI/UX design, web development, print & packaging, and original film, video & photo content. ZDI won the GDUSA Health + Wellness Design award in 2017 and has created some excellent web applications for our clients.

4. Let’s Talk Interactive

A leader within the telemedicine sector, Let’s Talk Interactive has delivered exciting solutions for healthcare businesses, both during and post-pandemic. With telehealth adoption soaring since the global pandemic limited face-to-face interactions, Let’s Talk Interactive is developing HIPAA-compliant, customized telehealth solutions to improve patient healthcare access. Their cutting-edge turnkey solutions include industry-leading virtual and walk-in clinic software, video conferencing & telemedicine software, live analytics, and HIPAA-compliant website development.

5. Arkenea

Arkenea is an award-winning healthcare software development company that was founded in 2011. Arkenea is the only software development company fully dedicated to the healthcare industry, boasting over ten years of experience in this field. The company has been ranked among the top software development companies in the world by the industry research report “Global Intelligent Apps Market – Industry Trends and Forecast to 2026.”

Arkenea helps healthcare companies to design and implement HIPAA- and HITRUST-compliant software solutions (both websites and mobile applications).

6. SNS System Inc.

SNS System is a leading global provider of business consulting and IT services. The company specializes in developing quality client-server applications with user-friendly interfaces and boasts expertise in a wide range of the newest programming language tools and platforms designed for client-server applications. SNS System comprises a team of experienced developers, system administrators, and IT managers and uses only the latest, proven technology.

7. Codal

With offices in the US, UK, and India, Codal is an award-winning and innovative company that delivers customized healthcare software solutions. Codal’s company approach is to provide innovative and modern solutions that can be continuously tested and improved until they are just right.

Codal’s notable awards include an UpCity Local Excellence Award 2022,’s 2022 Best Web Developers in Chicago, and BigCommerce’s 2021 Partner of the Year. Codal’s vast portfolio of clients includes Samsung, Pepsi, Baxter, and Charles Schwab.

8. IT Craft

With over 300 clients in 21 countries and over 20 years of experience, IT Craft is a trusted and valued healthcare software development company. Working with both big enterprises and small start-ups, IT Craft has had a successful role in helping businesses to grow and evolve. IT Craft builds web and mobile apps for doctors, patients, hospital administrations, and insurance companies alike.

While IT Craft services may be more costly than some of their competitors, their satisfied customer base proves they offer value for money.

9. Glorium Technologies

Glorium Technologies is an established company that delivers software development services worldwide. As a full-cycle app & software development company, they are ready to provide their customers across the EU and North America with on-demand teams of software engineers, project managers, QA specialists, and other tech workforce. Product design, growth on demand, and investment strategy guidance are also listed as their top-provided services. Most of their clients are funded startups that work in the healthcare or real estate industry, but the company is not limited to these domains and has plenty of experience in other industries, i.e. fintech and eCommerce.

Glorium Technologies has operated since 2010. The company has three ISO certificates: it is ISO-13485 certified for medical device development; has ISO-9001 certification for quality management; and ISO-27001 certification for information security standards. All the healthcare software is GDPR or HIPAA/HITRUST compliant (depending on the client’s territorial disposition). Glorium Technologies’ headquarters is located in New Jersey, and development centers are in Kyiv, Krakow, and Paphos. 

10. Appinventiv

As an award-winning healthcare solutions provider with 7+ years of industry experience, Appinventiv has been delivering exceptional healthcare software development services. The professionals of Appinventiv have created top-notch healthcare software solutions for the world’s leading health and fitness brands. The company aims to enable a faster ecosystem with its advanced healthcare applications that aim to streamline healthcare operations.

From clinical management to effective patient treatment and diagnosis solutions, Appinventiv has worked with over 50 digital healthcare projects solving their greatest challenges. Their healthcare app development services digitize the current administrative processes that improve efficiency, thereby lowering the cost of healthcare.


RisingMax Inc.

As a top-rated IT consulting company in NYC, RisingMax Inc. has been delivering high-end healthcare software development services to clients worldwide. Their healthcare experts understand all the nitty gritty associated with healthcare solutions and continuously improve and test software to offer modern solutions. The company boasts its expertise in bleeding-edge technologies like AI, ML, IoT, and blockchain and integrates them to build custom healthcare solutions.

Their team has successfully built HIPAA-compliant healthcare solutions that include electronic health record (EHR) software, hospital asset tracking software, healthcare workforce management software, laboratory management system, and telehealth and telemedicine software. The team strives to build healthcare apps that streamline operations, automate processes, and reduce costs, overheads, and other unnecessary expenses. The combination of all the above-mentioned parameters makes them a trusted custom healthcare software development company and a worthy contender for our list.

FATbit Technologies

FATbit Technologies is a leading custom software development company that delivers agile software development services in the healthcare and eCommerce domains. The company has dedicated teams of product managers, developers, and quality testers to provide startups and established businesses with software that meets their requirements. 

Apart from custom software development services, FATbit has in-house products that help businesses with online grocery marketplaces, food delivery, business consultation, equipment rental solutions, and so on. The products offered by the company are white-label and inclusive of payment gateway & popular marketing tool integrations. 

Leeway Hertz

With over 14 years of experience in the industry, Leeway Hertz delivers customized digital software solutions to enterprises and startups globally. Based in the US, Leeway Hertz is an award-winning company that provides practical solutions to its clients, including telemedicine software, mobile health apps, patient engagement solutions, and remote patient monitoring software.

As Leeway Hertz development team is knowledgeable and skilled in using innovative technologies, such as blockchain, AI, and IoT, the company can deliver futuristic and cutting-edge software solutions to its healthcare clients.


Light-it works with digital health startups, clinics, and MedTech companies to help create and develop transformative web and mobile applications. Over the past 14 years, Light-it has delivered over 500 custom solutions to companies worldwide, specializing in the digital health space. According to Clutch, Light-it is one of the top software development agencies. The company offers web & app development, road mapping, and UI/UX design and maintains HIPAA compliance, focusing on privacy, security, and scalability.


Matellio is a leading software engineering studio offering end-to-end healthcare software development services to clients worldwide. With an experienced team and decade-long expertise in custom healthcare software development, the company has designed and delivered HIPAA-compliant healthcare solutions and mobile apps based on next-gen technologies like AI, ML, IoT, etc. Some of their cutting-edge healthcare solutions include telehealth apps, patient monitoring software, EHR software, remote patient monitoring solution, etc. Global Leaders like Clutch, App Futura, DesignRush, and Scrum Alliance, have acknowledged their abilities and knowledge.

How can Atlantic.Net Help?

Spurred on by the global pandemic, healthcare businesses and organizations continue to embrace digital healthcare solutions. Healthcare companies must be supported by leading software development teams so that they can offer simple yet effective digital technologies to their employees and patients. Well-designed digital applications will help to streamline the delivery of healthcare services moving forwards.

Are you a healthcare provider searching for a healthcare software developer to design and implement your latest digital solution? We have shortlisted our top healthcare software development companies to help you along the way. No matter what software solution you purchase, you must partner with a fully HIPAA-compliant hosting platform that will prioritize security, privacy, and compliance to host your application. Atlantic.Net has over 30 years of experience providing HIPAA-compliant hosting services to companies and organizations within the healthcare industry. Atlantic.Net can offer you cloud hosting solutions that are fully scalable and customizable to meet the needs of your organization. Contact our sales team today to learn how Atlantic.Net can help your organization.

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