Many companies use VPNs or Virtual Private Networks that use gateways and secure servers to provide a more secure and private connection to the internet. If you want to surf the internet without the prying eyes of your IP provider, check out the following websites.

Staying Anonymous Online: Screw You CMS, PRISM


With governments planning to monitor internet activities, staying private on the Internet is tough. But it’s not impossible. …

Surf from your PC feeling more secure through VPS hosting.  Keeping in mind the level of internet censorship all around the world, the number of VPN service providers is growing. Most people are interested in the services of the virtual private network because it will be helpful in more than one way. For example, to bypass censorship and access the websites which are blocked, as the following example here suggests:

Routing the VPN through one Ethernet card!


Hi guys, Actually I have a private cloud server, The operating system of my server is Windows Server 2008 R2. The cloud server has three static IP addresses…

So if you want to establish is a VPN connection (SSTP) with another server in another country and allow other users to connect to your private cloud server to surf the internet. This might be the forum to try and find answers to your set-up questions. This user poses the question that VPN protocols are blocked in his area, and only SSTP works properly, so he needs his users to connect to his private cloud server first. (Why am I getting the sniff of the great firewall of China here?)

With the governments planning to monitor internet activities, and the American government mining for your data, staying private on the Internet is tough. But it’s not impossible, especially with Secure Private Cloud Hosting. The fundamentals to understand are that most online activity is tracked using cookies and IP addresses. Secure surfing through another server by proxy is essentially a VPN, but sometimes even getting that set up correctly needs a bit of troubleshooting. I found another forum to help with that:

VPN issue need some help – BlackBerry Forums at


I don’t know is there anyone like me use 12VPN, recently I have some problem with it. I am use Cisco Secure Firewall PIX setup, and sometimes even with the VPN sign on the…

It seems likely from the problem he’s having in this forum that it’s his Internet service provider he’s having trouble with. Use VPN from where to where? In this case, he’s trying to access it from within China. Unless your VPN exit is in a different country, there is no guarantee that GOI cannot access it. And then, there are SSL proxy interceptors. Unless you encrypt your data and then transmit it over VPN, do not expect any privacy.

In Conclusion

Here are some troubleshooting steps should you run into the need for posting on the above website forums yourself: (1) Check Your Virtual Network Connection (2) VPN Troubleshooting Error Messages (3) VPN Modems Troubleshooting Guide (4) VPN ISP Troubleshooting Guide.

by – Juliana

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