With over a quarter of users relying on their first organic search result, optimized SEO content has never been more important. In our fast-paced digital world, our reliance on digital marketing is set to grow. This means that businesses and organizations must continue to produce high-ranking content to ensure that they stay ahead of their competitors. SEO companies possess the specialized experience and knowledge necessary to boost organic traffic to your site. Partnering with a leading SEO company will help your business or organization to boost its visibility and traffic, ultimately generating new leads, increasing your revenue, and driving your business forward. When searching for SEO companies you have probably been inundated with options. But how do you know which one will partner best with your business? Here, we summarize some of the leading SEO companies on the market to make things a bit easier for you.

Top 10 Best SEO Agencies

Nomad SEO

Nomad SEO has a significant impact across this space, offering tremendous performance, growth, and transparency for their clients. Always at the forefront of the rapidly evolving SEO industry, Nomad SEO’s highly experienced expert analysts are passionate about delivering goal-focused SEO solutions. This sets them ahead of many of their competitors who often focus on keyword rankings that have little or no effect on a business’s impact. As an agile agency, the team at Nomad SEO is highly responsive to the needs of their clients.


DIGITECH SEO, based in Austin, Texas, is a leader in innovative web design and SEO services. Since 2011, their award-winning team has specialized in crafting user-centric websites, deeply integrated with advanced SEO technologies. They focus on creating digital experiences that convert visitors into customers, leveraging their expertise in branding, digital marketing, and website design. Recognized for excellence, DIGITECH is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of web design and SEO, helping brands of all sizes grow and succeed online.


Solvid is an SEO agency that has been built to excel across a vast array of sectors with the help of several specialisms. The agency’s services can help provide next-level optimization for business throughout almost every industry, including retail, finance, legal, SaaS, eCommerce, fintech, marketing, entertainment, fashion, and technology.

It’s this supreme level of adaptability that’s seen Solvid build relationships with leading brands in the world of investing, design, education, fintech, and finance.

Solvid’s commitment to industry-leading keyword research, competitor analysis, sentiment insight, and industry innovation has paved the way for countless brands to supercharge their organic traffic, gain prestigious backlinks, and climb Google’s SERPs to new heights as a means of unlocking new opportunities in their respective markets.

In addition to this, Solvid’s approach to SEO is equally comprehensive. Alongside meticulous keyword research, on-page SEO, local SEO, content creation, off-page SEO, and link-building, Solvid will undertake comprehensive technical search engine optimization to help optimize site performance, audit backlinks, accommodate crawlers, and fix page errors on site.

Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is one of the leading players within the digital marketing industry. Based in San Diego, it has been named as the number one Search Engine Marketing company in the USA, UK, and Canada by Clutch.co. Serving some massive global brands, Ignite Visibility is a four-time Inc. 5000 company (2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020). Ignite Visibility offers its clients a selection of services including marketing, design, and analytics, but its main focus remains on goal-driven SEO strategies. Clients also benefit from Ignite Visibility’s proprietary performance-based forecasting technology.


Higher Visibility is an award-winning digital marketing agency that is happy to partner with companies of any size, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 1000s. They were recently named “SEO Agency of the Year 2020” by Search Engine Land and “Best Large SEO Agency” in the US Search Awards 2020. While improving ranking and increasing traffic remains important to them, HigherVisibility focuses heavily on achieving more conversions. This is what sets them ahead of many of their competitors.

Straight North

Founded in 1997, Straight North is a results-driven digital marketing agency that offers SEO, PPC, and Web Design services. Employing over 100 full-time experts, Straight North offers notable features including proprietary lead tracking technology, a free instant SEO audit tool, full penalty removal services, and an SEO consulting service that allows Straight North to advise your in-house SEO team. Straight North appreciates that each client will have their own individual needs, so they do not offer any set-priced packages. Instead, they tailor the cost to meet their client’s needs.

Social SEO

Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Social SEO is one of the top-rated digital marketing agencies in the US. It was ranked as the number 1 “Digital Marketing Firm in America” by UpCity in 2021. With over 20 years of experience, Social SEO offers an extensive range of services including local and national SEO, social media, email marketing, content strategy, and graphic design.


WebFX is a leader in tech-enabled digital marketing solutions, employing a diverse team of over 200 award-winning marketers, developers, and designers. WebFX focuses on performance and driving results, with proprietary software backed by Watson IBM and billions of collated data points. Having generated over 2.4 billion in client revenue and 6.3 million leads, WebFX customizes its strategies to get the most for its clients. Their range of services includes SEO, PPC, social media, web design, and email marketing.


Based in New Jersey, SmartSites is an award-winning digital marketing and web design agency. With a proven track record across many verticals, their SEO services are focused on the long-term success of their clients, helping to boost rankings and organic traffic. Unlike many of its competitors, SmartSites offers a comprehensive range of services, going beyond SEO. Their experts can help your business or organization with web content, outreach, and web development and design.

SEO Valley

Founded in 2000, SEO Valley is a top-rated and award-winning SEO agency located in India. A fast-growing company, SEO Valley is currently partnered with over 6,000 happy clients. Clients can benefit from a comprehensive list of services including SEO, PPC, link acquisition, social media marketing, analytics, and programming. SEO Valley has built a global presence, with development centers based in India and marketing offices across the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Spain.

Bonus: PageTraffic

PageTraffic is a leading search engine marketing agency with its headquarters based in New Delhi, India, and offices in Mumbai and Chicago. With a simplified approach to business, PageTraffic delivers customized solutions to their clients. They offer a comprehensive list of services including SEO, web design, social media, and content marketing. The marketing experts at PageTraffic understand the need to customize your approach to SEO based on the size of your business. With this in mind, they employ separate strategies for small businesses and enterprise/large businesses.

Bonus: Sure Oak

Founded in 2013, Sure Oak is a full-service SEO agency based in New York. Services offered by Sure Oak include SEO, web design and development, social media marketing, content development, competitor analysis, and link building. Their proprietary ‘SEO Game Plan’ provides a strong foundation for the start of your SEO project, setting out a year-long plan focused on achieving sustainable growth and a return on your investment. Sure Oak offers a free SEO strategy review to get a clearer insight into the performance of your site and learn how to effectively grow your organic traffic.

Cloud Hosting and SEO Go Hand in Hand

Hosting your infrastructure in the cloud can benefit your SEO efforts greatly. Search rankings are affected by factors such as hosting location, uptime, speed of page loading, and reliability. Cloud hosting offers solutions and tools to optimize each of these factors, helping to boost organic traffic to your site and increase its visibility. To enhance your SEO campaign, you should seriously consider partnering with a VPS hosting provider. Atlantic.Net is a market-leading cloud computing and hosting solutions provider. With over 30 years of experience, our team of certified and expert engineers is here to provide a customized solution to meet the individual needs of your business or organization. To find out more about the solutions that we offer, contact our sales team today!