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Atlantic.Net Introduces WebMail

Gainesville, Fla. (8/2/99) – Atlantic.Net, one of Florida’s fastest-growing companies, today announced it has added a new feature to its Internet access service – Web Mail. The new feature allows members to access and manage their Atlantic.Net e-mail accounts using any Internet-connected computer anywhere in the world. To access e-mail from anywhere, members simply enter their user name and password at Atlantic.Net’s new WebMail Web site,

“With this new feature, Atlantic.Net has taken a big step toward establishing a national presence,” said Brian Bess, marketing director for Atlantic.Net. “Our members now have a free, secure connection to their Atlantic.Net e-mail no matter where they are or how they are connected to the Internet. This is great news for our subscribers.”

Atlantic.Net members get fast, reliable Internet connections and access to toll-free technical support seven days a week, starting at $9.95 per month. 56K access is standard with all accounts, but the service is also compatible with 14.4Kbps, 28.8/33.6Kbps modems as well as 64Kbps ISDN terminal adapters. 128Kbps ISDN is available for an additional monthly fee. Atlantic.Net also offers high-speed dedicated access, Web hosting and Web design services for businesses. To learn more about Atlantic.Net’s complete line of services, call 1-800-422-2936 or visit the corporate Web site at

About Atlantic.Net

Atlantic.Net was founded in 1994 by two University of Florida students, Marty Puranik and Jose Sanchez, who started the company by selling computers. After being denied Internet access through the university in 1995, Puranik and Sanchez launched one of the first commercial Internet services in Florida, serving Gainesville and Ocala. Since then, the company has been rapidly expanding its coverage areas, acquiring smaller access providers and enhancing its service offerings. The company now has 22,000 subscribers in 40 locations statewide. For more company information, check out

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