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Atlantic.Net to Be the Official Server Host of the Disaster Recovery Journal

Orlando, Fl (March 15, 2010) – Atlantic.Net (, a privately held leading global Managed IT Service Provider, is pleased to announce, a highly anticipated, partnership with the world’s largest Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity publication, the Disaster Recovery Journal. Under the terms of the agreement Atlantic.Net will provide the critical technology platform and Fully Managed IT infrastructure to the Disaster Recovery Journal, backed by Atlantic.Net’s 100% uptime guarantee.

With the combined efforts of Atlantic.Net and the Disaster Recovery Journal entities such as Government, Non-profit and Enterprise Businesses can be better prepared for business continuity and disaster protection. “It is vital for our operation to stay up and running 100% of the time to ensure absolute availability of our information in the event of unforeseen circumstances like a natural disaster or simply a hardware or network performance issue” said Bob Arnold, President of the Disaster Recovery Journal, “with our own disaster protection strategies in place, backed by Atlantic. Net’s world class Fully Managed IT infrastructure, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery experts can now rest assured that they can depend on DRJ more than ever!”

“We are committed to delivering the most current information to help organizations prepare for disaster protection. In partnering with Atlantic.Net, we are certain that DRJ will continue to deliver comprehensive business continuity resources to our users” he added.“The Disaster Recovery Journal has put its trust and confidence in our abilities and we are privileged to power the Disaster Recovery Journal,” says Marty Puranik, Founder, President, and CEO of Atlantic.Net. “Atlantic.Net considers this relationship with DRJ invaluable as there is much to learn about business continuity plans beyond the realm of data. Atlantic.Net embraces this opportunity to promote this knowledge with other businesses.”

“Even companies with the most thorough contingency plans are at risk, in the event a disaster occurs, if that plan isn’t accessible,” Puranik added. “Atlantic.Net works hard to see that companies, large or small, have the resources available to them to ensure their contingency plans are readily accessible.”

About Atlantic.Net

Established in 1994, Atlantic.Net is a market-leading business data services provider known for exceptional service, simplifying complex technologies and building a brand that people trust. Atlantic.Net operates a world-class colocation Data Center in Orlando, Florida, and helps businesses around the globe with their data needs through services including Managed Servers, Server Colocation, Dedicated Servers, Internet connectivity, Business Continuity, and managed services such as Data Backup, Security and Private Networks.

Atlantic.Net’s services enable companies to focus on their core business and forgo the expense of capital equipment purchases and ongoing IT management costs. Atlantic.Net’s technological savvy and strategic acumen have been the foundation for its reputation and profitability since 1994.

About Disaster Recovery Journal

Disaster Recovery Journal, founded in 1987, delivers how-to, in-depth knowledge into business continuity planning more than any other business publication. DRJ delivers the most informative and up-to-date information available in the business continuity industry to over 58,000 business continuity professionals. Since 1995, the Disaster Recovery Journal has been a dominant leader of disaster recovery and business continuity information on the web with over 104,000 registered users around the globe. Disaster Recovery Journal is the main source of most up to date information and knowledge to government agencies and very large enterprises.

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