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Atlantic.Net Pursues Broadslate Customers

Gainesville, FL (2/15/02) – Atlantic.Net, one of the nation’s fastest-growing Internet Service Providers, today announced a special offer for current Broadslate customers in Florida whose contracts with Broadslate are scheduled to terminate on March 15. Atlantic.Net is offering free equipment and free activation to businesses that sign a one-year contract for Atlantic.Net’s Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Internet service, and free installation to businesses that sign a two-year agreement for a high-speed T-1 connection.

This is the fourth time in the past six months that Atlantic.Net has extended this offer to businesses statewide, as companies such as Broadslate, Verio and BlueStar have announced the discontinuation of service in selected areas due to factors such as acquisition and bankruptcy.

Last week, Atlantic.Net was identified as the 22nd fastest-growing private company in Florida in a University of Florida study. Since 1998, the company has been recognized annually as one of Florida’s fastest-growing private companies, making the top 25 three years in a row.

Atlantic.Net can turn up the DSL circuits within 15 business days after a contract is signed and typically installs a T-1 line in 30 days. In addition, Atlantic.Net is offering temporary connections to businesses until their Atlantic.Net DSL or T-1 connections are established.

To sign up for DSL or a T-1 connection, businesses can call 1-800-521-5881. To learn more about Atlantic.Net’s services, visit

About Atlantic.Net

Atlantic.Net’s services include broadband, telecommunications, e-commerce, Web solutions and dial-up. The company, ranked number 223 on this year’s Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America, was founded by two University of Florida students who launched one of North Florida’s first commercial Internet services in 1995. Over the past seven years, Atlantic.Net has acquired 13 Internet service companies and augmented its e-business services to include true private networks, fractional T-1 through DS-3 connectivity, DSL and ISDN access, Web hosting and Web design. Atlantic.Net’s staff has grown to more than 100 employees. To learn more about Atlantic.Net’s complete line of services, call 1-800-422-2936 or visit the corporate Web site at

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