Scope of Support

Atlantic.Net’s Scope of Support

Available Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows Server: 2016, 2019
  • Centos: 7, 8
  • Debian: 9, 10
  • Ubuntu: 16.04 LTS, 18.04 LTS, 20.04 LTS

Atlantic.Net One-Click Apps:

  • cPanel / WHM
  • LAMP
  • LEMP
  • MySQL
  • NextCloud
  • WordPress

General Features:

  • Server deployment while following industry best practices, including server hardening
  • General baseline performance metrics completed and provided upon initial release
  • 20% discount on Atlantic.Net Professional Service Agreements
  • Dedicated Account Representative
  • Upon request, troubleshoot issues relating to server network connectivity, hardware repair/replacement, and server operation systems

Database Service Support:

  • Supported platforms: MSSQL 2016, 2019; MySQL 5.6+, Percona 5.6+, MariaDB 10.4+
  • Installation and secure configuration of database software
  • Assist with setting up new database and database users
  • Assist with setting up local database backups
  • Assist with import of remote databases
  • Assist with basic security changes

Note: This does not include support for query analysis

Control Panel Support:

  • cPanel WHM
  • Plesk
  • Webmin

Note: Support is always current LTS version

DNS Support:

  • Web portal available to allow for client to make their own changes
  • Assist with importing customer provided DNS information to Atlantic.Net DNS servers
  • Implement DNS changes on Atlantic.Net DNS servers and help facilitate migrations to Atlantic.Net services
  • Assist with advanced DNS configurations, such as setting up domain keys and SPF records
  • Assist with troubleshooting DNS resolution problems

Email Server Support:

  • Install and configure Mail Server on Windows or Linux server, including Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) and Webmail portals
  • Enable anti-spam and anti-malware settings by configuring e-mail virus and spam scanners, rate-limits, and Realtime Blackhole List checks
  • Assist with setting up mail-related DNS records
  • Assist with setting up new domains
  • Assist with setting up new users
  • Assist with troubleshooting mail delivery and mail queue issues
  • Provide customer with settings needed to set up e-mail client for receiving e-mail

File Sharing:

  • Includes support for Windows and Linux file shares
  • Assist with setup and mapping of NFS shared folder
  • Assist with setup and mapping of Samba/SMB shared folder
  • Assist with setup and mapping of SSHFS shared folder
  • Assist with setup and mapping of Windows shared drive


  • Includes support for Linux and Windows systems
  • Assist with setup and configuration FTP, FTPS, and SFTP
  • Assist with setup of new users

Load Balancing (optional add-on):

  • Configure load balancing to distribute incoming application traffic across multiple servers
  • Configure load balancing service type – Round Robin, Static Round Robin, Least Connections, IP Source
  • Configure load balancing features – sticky sessions, health checks, SSL termination, multi-port, connection throttling
  • Note: GeoIP Load Balancing also available via Edge Protection service

OnWatch Platinum Monitoring Platform (as requested):

  • ICMP monitoring
  • SNMP-based CPU usage
  • SNMP-based RAM usage
  • SNMP-based Disk I/O
  • SNMP-based NIC throughput
  • Hardware RAID status (if applicable)
  • TCP/UDP Port status
  • Website URL status

Server Migrations:

  • Assist with migrating client data from another hosting provider and with getting started on Atlantic.Net’s Managed Platform server

Server Patching and Updates:

  • Upon request, install requested updates and patches
  • Automated patching service available
  • Critical patches installed daily
  • General patches installed monthly
  • Schedule times for server reboots after patching, if needed
  • Upon request, pre-patch report on the current status of pending updates
  • Upon request, post-patch report on the application of the latest updates

Vulnerability Scanners:

  • Biweekly vulnerability scans and penetration testing for host servers or configured websites
  • Upon request, assist with evaluating scan results and implement requested firewall rules to mitigate potential issues.

Note: This does not include support for site code or query analysis

Web Server Support:

  • Includes support for Windows IIS, Apache, Nginx
  • Install and configure requested common web extensions, such as PHP
  • Apply general security tweaks and performance optimizations
  • Assist with setting up new websites
  • Assist with setting up domain redirects and rewrites
  • Assist with setting up custom logging
  • Assist with enabling web authentication
  • Assist with server generated outbound e-mail issues
  • Assist with troubleshooting connectivity to an SQL server
  • Assist with troubleshooting permissions and file issues
  • Assist with evaluating customer logs

Web Server Support – SSL:

  • Assist with order and setup of SSL for hosted domains

VPN Support (Atlantic.Net Firewall Required):

  • Assist with configuration of Client-based VPN (user authentication)
  • Assist with configuration of Site-to-Site tunnels
  • Assist with setup of access lists to ensure VPN is restricted to specific servers and accounts
  • Upon request, modify VPN configuration settings


– Atlantic.Net is unable to assist with any website or database content generation, scripting or programming

– Atlantic.Net may request removal of any installed third-party application prior to troubleshooting server issues if there is reason to believe the application may impact server performance or reliability