IPv6 Dallas TX


We are excited to announce that our USA-CENTRAL-1 (Dallas, TX) Public Cloud location now has support for IPv6. This comes on the heels of our previous announcement of IPv6 support in our USA-EAST-3 (Ashburn, VA) Public Cloud location. Additional locations will gain support for IPv6 in the coming months. 16 IPv6 addresses are offered at no charge with each new or existing Cloud Server.

What is IPv6?

IPv6 is the most recent version of Internet Protocol (IP), an identification and location system for computers on networks that make up the Internet. It was developed to help sustain the growth of the internet and connected devices by providing far greater address space than IPv4.

How Do I Start Using IPv6?

When creating a new Cloud Server, check the “Enable IPv6” box. Upon creation, your new Cloud Server will have 16 IPv6 addresses allocated for use and will automatically configure its first IPv6 address.

To use IPv6 on an existing Cloud Server, visit the “Details” page and click “Enable IPv6.” This will allocate 16 IPv6 addresses to that Cloud Server. You will need to manually configure your Cloud Server’s network settings to begin using them.

Click here to learn more about using IPv6.

What You Should Know Before Enabling IPv6

As our members roll out IPv6 on our Cloud Platform, we wanted to share some of our findings that might save you time and effort in your IPv6 deployment. Click here to read more about what you should know before enabling IPv6.

With IPv6, your server can handle packets more efficiently, and you can improve security, as IPv6 supports cryptographic confirmation for name resolution and end-to-end encryption.


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