cPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel in the industry because it allows users to access all types of features quickly and easily, from installing popular blogging software to handling custom databases.  By combining cPanel with the impressive power of a Virtual Private Server, the result is cPanel VPS hosting, complete with control, stability, and ease of use.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offer efficient hosting solutions with a level of customization that goes well beyond shared hosting.  With VPS hosting, users have full access to server resources without the financial commitment required to own a dedicated server.  Combined with cPanel, users receive the functionality that allows them to simplify common tasks associated with the operation and maintenance of their server or website.

Whether you are managing one website/server or hundreds, cPanel gives you control over every aspect.  For developers and webmasters who want to focus on efficient operations, a VPS cPanel hosting plan can greatly simplify account management because you can manage multiple sites from a single interface.  In addition to multiple domain management, cPanel VPS hosting offers valuable services such as automated backups and intuitive DNS management.

One of the best aspects of cPanel VPS hosting is that it can be utilized by all skill levels and afforded on most budgets.  Contact an Atlantic.Net advisor today at 800.521.5881 to get started with a hosting solution for your business!  Our goal is to address your IT infrastructure needs so that you can focus on growing your business.  We are here to help your business grow!

Why Atlantic.Net cPanel VPS?

Unlike others, our cPanel VPS is billed in arrears on an hourly rate. Backed by the latest SSD technology, your VPS Hosting can be up and running for you in less than 30 seconds!