The Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform (ACP) now supports Windows Server 2022. You can spin up a Windows Server 2022 instance right now at

The Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform is one of the very first cloud providers to make Windows Server 2022 generally available. With Atlantic.Net’s Cloud Servers, a customer can launch a Windows Server 2022 instance in under 30 seconds.

Windows Server 2022 has undergone some major transformations compared with previous releases. Microsoft has focused on security and performance with this release. Windows Server 2022 has a clean, crisp, and familiar interface, but it’s what’s going on under the hood that excites the techies here at Atlantic.Net.

A Security Defined Operating System

Microsoft has reworked many of the security features in this latest version, making Windows Server 2022 the perfect choice for cloud workloads.  are several key security features:

  • Hypervisor-Based Code Integrity (HVCI) –  The HVCI service determines whether code executing in kernel mode is securely designed and trustworthy.
  • Kernel DMA Protection – This boot policy allows or disallows devices to perform Direct Memory Access operations.
  • System Guard – The System Guard hardens the instance against malware, focusing on preventing malicious code from running.
  • Virtualization-Based Security (VBS) –  VBS technology creates an abstract layer between computer processes and the underlying operating system.

This new and enhanced technology is all about providing hardware-layer protection to help prevent illegal code from being executed. These updates create protection for shared resources that use CPU and memory directly.

Key Windows Server 2022 Features

Microsoft has introduced an enhanced and upgraded version of Windows Admin Center in Windows Server 2022. This new version will eventually replace the traditional server manager utility. The updated version offers a cloud-style control panel, giving the user granular control over every server setting.

Big changes were made to Failover Cluster Manager, and lots of cloud-style tweaks, metrics, and system values are now available on a clean user interface. With the new Failover Cluster Manager, you can manage storage, devices, services, and scheduled tasks, as well as manage and configure users and groups. Network settings received an overhaul, too, making it much easier to find everything you need.

Windows Server 2022 supports up to 48TB of physical server memory, and the defined vCPU max for VMs on Windows Server 2022 is 240 vCPUs for Gen2 VMs in Hyper-V. This makes Server 2022 the perfect choice for a dedicated Hyper-V host. Speak to the team today to enquire about this option.

TLS 1.3 is natively supported in Windows Server 2022, and the popular Microsoft Storage Spaces has returned. Storage Spaces is very similar to RAID technology but allows software-defined storage solutions to be presented directly to Windows Server in a similar fashion to VMWare vSan.

Windows Server 2022 on the Atlantic.Net Cloud

Windows Server 2022, the latest Windows Server offering from Microsoft, along with Windows 2019, Windows Server 2016, and Windows 2012, are all available with Cloud Servers from Atlantic.Net.

Atlantic.Net’s Windows Cloud Server Hosting plans start at only $0.0230647 per hour (or $15.50 per month), with usage calculated on a per hour basis. For a limited time, Atlantic.Net is offering all new clients a free-to-use Windows Server 2022 Cloud Server for one full year on the G3.2GB Cloud Server plan, which includes 3 TB of outbound data transfer.

The Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform provides fault-tolerant, ultra-fast performance, and includes award-winning Cloud Servers, Secure Block Storage, one-click applications, DNS, Dedicated Hosts, private networking, RESTful API, data backup, a full suite of managed services, 24x7x365 expert U.S.-based support, and more.

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