Private Virtualization Hosting

A Virtualization Solution To Fit Any Need

If your business has issues with compliance or security where cloud computing is concerned, then Atlantic.Net’s just the host for you.

With the hypervisor technology of your choice, we’ll get you set up with a customized, fully-optimized virtualized environment, no matter what your needs. Better yet, our decades of experience providing for high-demand, high-security clients means that we’re uniquely suited to see to any security or compliance concerns your organization may have.

We provide a wide range of virtualization packages, provisioned using the latest hardware and software. Utilizing custom Hyper-V, KVM, or Xen configurations, we deliver immense flexibility, elasticity, and scalability coupled with a great deal of control and customization. Select one of our virtualization plans, and you’ll have access to all the benefits of cloud technology – with none of the pitfalls.

Atlantic.Net provides a wide selection of dedicated virtualization solutions, all tweaked to ensure resources are used to their fullest potential. We strive to deploy the best solution for you, whatever your needs - and we fully understand that not every virtualized environment is the same, nor every client’s set of requirements identical. Regardless of the hypervisor you choose, we’ll do everything we can to support your configuration - that’s a promise.

Supported Hypervisors

By default, Atlantic.Net runs with the following hypervisors:

  • Microsoft Hyper-V 2.0/3.0
  • KVM Proxmox VE 3.4+

Custom Hypervisors are available for installation on request.


Our virtualized hosting plans put a thin layer of software between the hardware and the operating system of your dedicated server. This, in turn, allows multiple instances of an operating system to run unmodified on a single piece of physical hardware. In plain English, this means that you’re getting all the quality you would with dedicated hardware but at a significantly reduced price.

By default, our virtual servers include the following features:

  • Fault-tolerant power supplies
  • Advanced fire suppression
  • Full root/administrative access
  • Intuitive interface with powerful features
  • Upgradeable components for future expansion
  • Redundant HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)
  • Multiple Tier-1 redundant Internet backbone connections
  • Self-healing redundant infrastructure and automatic failover
  • Uninterruptible power systems with backup power generation
  • Hardware RAID controllers with battery-powered backup cache

The demands placed on IT infrastructure by businesses grow more and more pressing by the day - but the IT budget doesn’t often keep up with the increased demand. That’s where virtualization comes in. Virtualization allows a business to decrease operational costs, increase resource utilization, and maintain more flexible control over its infrastructure.

Why Choose Managed Virtualization?

Atlantic.Net’s managed virtualization takes that a step further than traditional options. With one of our Managed plans, you can readily provide your organization with a powerful, easy-to-use solution that leaves everyone to focus on what’s important.

You still get all the dedicated resources, cost-effectiveness, and increased availability that comes standard with every virtualization plan. In addition, however, you also gain access to our fantastic support team, who’ll manage every aspect of your server for you. Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it?

What Does Managed Virtualization Include?

Atlantic.Net’s Managed Virtualization plans offer the following:

  • Active Administration: We’ll actively manage your host server’s resources, including CPU, network, and hard disk utilization.
  • VM Provisioning, Cloning, And Removal: Through a self-service portal, clients can start up, stop, and gain console access to any configured virtual machine.
  • Easy System Updates: We’ll test every new update to ensure it doesn’t cause issues with the system - then install them through a cluster-aware process that allows us to ensure 100% uptime while updating each node.
  • Clustering: Through our powerful control panel, clients can migrate their VM to another host server in the event of system failure or load balancing. This allows virtual machines to be effortlessly redistributed amongst multiple host servers, in addition to allowing for the configuration of shared storage nodes.
  • Replication/Manual Failover: Our virtual machine replication process is designed to provide cross-node fault tolerance via an increase of the necessary storage, CPU, and memory requirements per node.
  • Advanced Monitoring: All virtual servers feature SNMP and hypervisor-specific performance monitoring tools, in order to ensure both hardware and the host server are functioning properly. We also offer customized monitoring for memory, CPU, load average, network, I/O, and hard drive health.
  • Advanced Management: We’ll do everything in our power to ensure your hardware, virtualization hypervisor, and virtual machines are all functioning properly. Should you encounter any issues with your system, our certified professionals stand ready to assist you under a consulting agreement. These professionals include engineers certified by VMware and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Share your vision with us and we will develop a hosting environment tailored to your needs! Contact an advisor at 800.422.2936 or email us at [email protected]