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How to Install DNS Role on Windows Server 2012

Verified and Tested 03/18/2015


This how-to will walk you through the Install of DNS Server in Windows Server 2012.

Domain Name System (DNS) is a system that translates a Domain name to the IP address that is associated with it over the World Wide Web. It is widely used to store the following records: A Records, AAA Records, MX Records, Name Servers, PTR/ Reverse Records, C Names, and more. It is what makes a Domain Name resolve.

Install DNS Role on Windows Server 2012

Open the Server Manager from the taskbar.

From Server Manager Dashboard, select Add roles and features. This will launch the Roles and Features Wizard, allowing modifications to be performed on the Windows Server 2012 instance.

Install DNS Role on Windows Server 2012- Add roles and features

Add roles and features


Note: If it’s the first time you have entered this wizard, you will get a Before you Begin page. Review it, and you can check the Skip this page by default box,  then click Next.


Select Role-based or feature-based installation from the Installation Type screen and click Next.

Select Role-based or Feature-based installation

Installation Type


You will now have the Select destination server page. Your server will be selected by default, so you can click Next to continue.

Select your server

Select your server


Select DNS Server, and the following page will come up. Click Add Features to continue.

Select Add features in the Add roles and features wizard

Add roles and features wizard


Click Next on the Server Roles page. Then review and select optional features to install during the DNS Server installation by placing a check in the box next to any desired features; Once done, click Next.

Select any optional features that you may need.

Select any optional features


Click Next on the DNS Server tab. Then Confirm the installation selections, then click Install. (Note: DNS Server doesn’t require a restart after the installation so that box can remain unchecked).

Confirm and Install your your DNS server

Confirm and Install your DNS server

Once the installation is completed, you can click Close on the Results page, and you’re all set.

Congratulations! You have just Installed DNS in Windows Server 2012. If you would like the configure DNS, please Check our “Configure DNS in Windows Server 2012” article. Thank you for following along in this How-To, and feel free to check back with us for any new updates.

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