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How to: Resetting a Atlantic.Net Cloud Server Password

Verified and Tested 2/17/15


This is how to use the Cloud Control Panel to reset your Cloud server password.


You should have an Atlantic.Net account and virtual private server that you are trying to connect to.

You should be able to log into the Atlantic.Net Cloud Control Panel at

Resetting your Cloud Server Password

Once you are logged into the Net Cloud Control Panel, you should see your server list. Click on the name of the server that needs the password reset completed on.

Select your server

Select your server

Find the row of icons towards the top of the Net Cloud Control Panel, and click on the Reset Password button.

Select Reset Password from your servers menu

Reset Password

Read the message on the pop-up. If this applies to what you need, click Reset Password.

Confirm Reset Password

Confirm Reset Password

Your new password will be displayed on the screen.

New Password output

New Password output

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