Ashburn Data Center

Why Ashburn, Virginia is for [Data] Lovers

Nearly 50 years ago, the Virginia State Travel Service hit it big with its famous “Virginia is for Lovers” slogan. Ashburn, located in Loudoun County, Virginia, caters to a specific form of lover: tech professionals who love Ashburn’s access to what has been called “the bullseye of America’s Internet.”

We can’t keep up with IT and we need help!

Until recently, businesses adapted to the computer age by purchasing desktop systems and possibly servers, to run a local area network, and maybe a website. IT needs have changed, however, with cloud-based productivity applications, electronic records, and mobile workforces. Keeping up with these and related innovations is vital to business efficiency and profitability, but IT […]

Study: Cloud Beats Dedicated Systems on Availability

Availability is one of the biggest concerns of information technology chiefs. The NIH ran a study comparing availability of cloud and dedicated machines. Cloud won. Availability Among Top Three CIO Concerns Availability: Cloud Hosting vs. Dedicated Servers Cloud for Fast Processing of Huge Datasets Availability Among Top Three CIO Concerns Unfortunately for CIOs, there are many […]

How to Achieve Operational Excellence in the Era of Cloud Hosting

In the age of cloud server hosting, as it’s increasingly adopted by enterprises, chief information officers can struggle to maintain operational excellence. Here’s how to deliver consistency with OE as you adopt cloud. Challenges of the Multiple-Vendor Cloud World Knowing What You Mean by “Operational Excellence” Partner with the Provider so You Can Achieve OE Governance […]

Understanding Hybrid Cloud, with Examples

As businesses tried to determine whether they should continue to keep their IT on-site or process it with third-party cloud hosts, many ended up choosing a compromise: hybrid cloud. The Hybrid Cloud: What is it? Why do Some Companies Choose Hybrid? Hybrid Doesn’t Always Make Sense Examples of Hybrid Cloud Use Strong Hosting Partner for Your […]

Six Day-to-Day Truths About Cloud

Previously, companies were unsure about cloud. Now, adoption of the technology in business settings is rising steadily, thanks in large part to the success of the consumer cloud. Here are stats and interesting facts.  Trust in Cloud Rising Fast Growth of Cloud – Stats Six Day-to-Day Cloud Truths Cloud Really Can be a Breeze Trust […]