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Beyond HIPAA: International Health Data Protection in Europe and Canada

HIPAA is the US’s answer to protecting vital patient data, but are there international “HIPAA” protections for Europeans, Canadians, and other countries – a sort of HIPAA in Europe or Canada? Although HIPAA compliance is a major concern of any businesses handling, storing, or transferring healthcare data in the United States, working with personal patient data of Canadian or European patients is subject to different rules. Let’s look at how the European Union’s (EU’s) Directive on Data Protection and Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) regulate patient records and other sensitive information.

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HIPAA Compliant Dedicated Server – A Real World Scenario – Part 2

server comic

<<< Continued from Part 1

Consultant (continued): By adding the second server we also had to increase the cost of the daily backup since there is more storage involved. I also had to double the number of Trend Micro Deep Security licenses. I added 8 more Ips, but the IPs are free. You will now have 16 for the two servers. I also added another ( 5 ) VPNs at no extra charge. The updated proposal is attached and summarized below:

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HIPAA Compliant Dedicated Server – A Real World Scenario

server comic

In our Real World Scenario (RWS) series, we review interactions between our consultants and clients considering various hosting options. One of our specialized points of focus is healthcare IT, so our RWS articles have covered numerous situations in which medical organizations – practices, plans, or data clearinghouses – are seeking solutions that meet their needs.

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2 Real World Addition & Healthcare Startup Scenerios

HIPAA misunderstanding joke

As providers of HIPAA compliant hosting infrastructures, we publish as much information as we possibly can to help healthcare companies understand the law and find appropriate solutions, whether with us or another company. Along with describing this information generally on our site, we also publish Real World Scenario articles (such as this one) on our blog, allowing customers to see compliance in example real-life interactions between our representatives and customers.

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HIPAA Web/Database Hosting Solution – A Real World Scenario


Healthcare companies must be in full compliance with federal regulations in order to avoid fines. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) contains law applicable to the handling of protected health information (PHI) by healthcare plans, clearinghouses, and practices. Title II of the act includes a Privacy Rule and Security Rule, which are of special concern to covered entities when working with business associates – such as web hosting companies – on their IT architectures.

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Securing PHI for Behavioral Healthcare Organizations – A Real World Scenario

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Our site shares a large amount of information with medical companies about finding viable HIPAA Hosting and infrastructural solutions. We’ve found that the general information we provide meets the needs of many businesses. However, it also assists many professionals to be able to get a feel for the process through specific situations.

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HIPAA Compliant Hosting for a Web Application – A Real World Scenario

Comic: comparison of PHI to phi (the golden ratio)

Medical organizations – including healthcare practitioners, plans, and clearinghouses – are considered covered entities under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. HIPAA was enacted to safeguard the security and privacy of the protected health information (PHI) of patients. Healthcare companies must be compliant with the law to avoid hefty fines. They can choose to work with HIPAA compliant business associates, such as web hosting companies, if they choose.

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Why Do I Need a Business Associate’s Agreement for HIPAA?

When healthcare companies sign up for a HIPAA-compliant IT environment with a Cloud Hosting service, that outside organization is acting as a business associate according to the guidelines of HIPAA. In order to legally work with that organization and still follow the stipulations of the Act, medical businesses must sign a contract with the service (as with any outside party serving in a similar role) called a business associate’s agreement (BAA). Many companies do not understand why they need a BAA and what exactly is involved. Here, below, are the details.

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