Orlando Colocation Hosting Data Center

Things to Look for When Identifying the Best Colocation Facility

Despite the surge in the popularity of cloud computing, hosting services in colocation data centers are still popular with small, medium, and enterprise businesses. Some companies may not be ready to adopt the cloud and may see colocation as an ideal entry point.

Undoubtedly, businesses benefit from outsourcing their IT services to colocation sites, perhaps looking for significant cost savings, around-the-clock support, and high-end secure facilities. (more…)

How to Find a Data Center for Edge Computing Colocation

Edge computing is growing in popularity. Organizations have begun to unlock edge computing’s potential to provide them with a competitive advantage over market rivals or improve the functionality of distributed Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems. Edge computing is akin to an extension of, or improvement to, the power inherent to cloud computing. By bringing computing power closer to data sources, edge computing can provide better system response time and more efficient bandwidth usage. (more…)