They Hurt the Wrong People

You can learn a lot by simple observation. Last week, there was a brouhaha as several banks nearly collapsed, and then some did. The usual discourse will be set with educated people explaining how something was right, wrong, or neither. A joint statement by the FDIC, the Federal Reserve, and the United States Treasury affirmed their resolve to protect the system. While most coverage will try to confuse you with a labyrinth of econobabble whose goal is to convince you that it’s too complex and you can’t understand it, the reality is quite simple. In their attempt to hurt the right people, they accidentally hurt the wrong people. (more…)

Atlantic.Net Supports CODE CAMP Orlando 2010!

I got my Geek on at the annual Code Camp held at Seminole State College this year since Atlantic.Net was a sponsor at this year’s event!

Code Camp is a community event that allows developers to network, learn and rub elbows with their peers.  This year’s event was set up in the traditional conference format, with registration starting at 7:00 a.m Saturday morning and was followed by a presentation by the keynote speaker, educational sessions, fun, games, prizes and food!  This year’s event had an area for gaming, hands on labs and even a session devoted to women in development!


Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Computing or Virtualization?

In the world of gigabits and terabytes, there is a lot going on – new products are being developed and the plethora of information that you have been told about securing your data as a business owner can be, from time to time, overwhelming. You aren’t the CIO and you don’t employ an arsenal of IT staff to help guide you through the decision of migrating your data into a secure Data Center. You’re inundated with choices and weary of company salesmen who may or may not be trying to oversell you. Every web hosting service has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. It is crucial for every business owner to familiarize themselves with the different types of services a Hosting Provider offers before researching your data center. So how do you know what service is the right fit for your company?  Continue to read and see where you feel your company fits best before signing on the dotted line.