Staff at healthcare practices constantly balance an array of tasks and priorities. Between scheduling patient appointments, facilitating communication between doctors and patients, and ensuring that patients receive an appropriate follow-up, the workload is significant and important tasks can be overlooked or forgotten. The result, unfortunately, can be unhappy patients and a lower quality of care.

Technology advancements and the development of HIPAA-compliant CRM tools can help healthcare practices better deal with these demands. By centralizing patient information, automating tasks, and ensuring all staff is accessing the latest information, these tools can enhance a practice’s performance and productivity.

If you’re considering investing in or upgrading your CRM, doing so could help you provide better patient-centered care and keep your practice competitive.

Top 5 HIPAA-Compliant CRM Software Tools

These HIPAA-compliant CRM software tools are designed specifically for healthcare practices. They address some of the most common management and administrative challenges that practices face today, and each fully complies with patient privacy rules.


NexHealth offers convenient online scheduling that takes care of repetitive, time-consuming tasks so that office staff can focus on patient interactions.

NexHealth empowers patients to schedule their own appointments, even after hours. Patients can see real-time availability through the NexHealth calendar. Single-click booking makes this platform convenient and easy to use, even from a smartphone.

Once appointments are scheduled, the CRM sends reminders via HIPAA-compliant texts. Those texts can also deliver marketing offers and follow-up messages.

If a patient cancels an appointment, they will receive an automated follow-up notification with a link to reschedule. NexHealth even uses the running patient waitlist to fill in cancellations, ensuring a practice stays fully booked and brings in maximum revenue.

This CRM integrates with practice management software and fully supports all of the processes that contribute to getting patients into the office. Electronic HIPAA-compliant forms allow a practice to gather information before an appointment, enabling a touchless check-in and reducing the scanning and data entry required of the office staff.

From facilitating patient and staff safety to delivering convenient 24-7 scheduling, NexHealth can enhance a practice’s overall performance, leading to increased bookings and reduced no-shows.

Top benefits

  • Digitizes the patient experience
  • Lets patients self-schedule at any time
  • Eliminates time-consuming scheduling and follow-up tasks

JotForm Tables

JotForm Tables streamlines the process of gathering information, and it’s a versatile tool that can act as a comprehensive healthcare CRM system. The spreadsheet functionality is easy to use and learn, and it efficiently organizes large amounts of information.

Practices begin by creating an online form. JotForm has many customizable templates available to save you time. Alternatively, a practice can build a form from scratch. Once you’ve built a form, you can share it with patients — for example, a practice can send patients their intake forms and consent forms in their appointment confirmation or reminder email.

As patients complete their forms, the submissions automatically appear in the practice’s JotForm Tables database. There’s no data input to worry about, which reduces the chance for human error. Staff can share the tables with coworkers, so a nurse can access a patient’s intake information for a streamlined patient care process.

A few of the available HIPAA-compliant form templates include:

  • New patient registration
  • Appointment request
  • Patient survey
  • Medical history

Top benefits

  • Time-saving HIPAA-compliant form templates
  • Submissions auto-populate the linked table
  • Easy sharing features enable staff collaboration

Enquire CRM

Designed for senior housing and post-acute care, Enquire CRM is fully customizable so it works for a facility’s specific needs. This comprehensive CRM handles everything from contact management to email notifications to marketing automation.

With Enquire CRM, all of the tools a facility uses are centrally located. The CRM tracks contact, referral, and inventory data, and real-time dashboards ensure that leads get the proper responses and attention as they move through the sales pipeline.

A facility can access integrated marketing tools within the CRM. These tools can help staff design emails, web forms, landing pages, and even schedule social media posts, helping to bring in more potential leads.

This CRM also generates powerful reports with over 100 visualizations and a customizable interface. Rather than manually writing reports, a facility can get automated reports for better evaluations and business decision-making.

Automated workflows and integrations further streamline repetitive tasks, saving staff time and helping to ensure processes run smoothly. Other top features include text messaging, calendar syncing, custom alerts, and more.

Enquire CRM is ideal for senior living, skilled nursing, home health, and hospice businesses.

Top benefits

  • Marketing automation with automated email drip campaigns, social media post scheduling, and more
  • Automated customizable reports with more than 100 visualizations
  • Automated workflows and data entry with contact and referral tracking


PatientPop is a HIPAA-compliant patient growth platform that focuses on marketing for healthcare practices. The dashboard system automates and enhances every step of the patient journey.

When it comes to reputation management, PatientPop excels. Practices can use the CRM to send regular patient surveys in order to boost the practice’s online reputation. The system also offers valuable content marketing, social media scheduling, and SEO tools to enhance a practice’s digital marketing.

PatientPop offers online booking and sends automated SMS appointment reminders and confirmations to reduce no-shows. The CRM’s telehealth functionality offers clear, two-way HD video, complete with a virtual waiting room.

This CRM is ideal for practices that want to streamline their workflows while heavily focusing on advertising and lead generation.

Top benefits

  • Online booking and telehealth software
  • Digital marketing tools that include content marketing, social media scheduling, and SEO tools
  • Ability to schedule patient surveys to improve online reputation

Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud delivers the powerful functionality of a top CRM with the features needed for healthcare applications. This software facilitates enhanced patient engagement for a more personalized experience.

The key to this CRM is that it drives communication for more collaborative care. Care coordinators, service agents, patients, family members, and others involved in the patient journey can connect on any device and collaborate throughout the healthcare network. The Health Cloud streamlines the process of supporting patients, allowing for stronger provider-patient relationships.

This CRM can also help streamline workflows, ensuring patients get the attention they need. It can support patient registration, scheduling, and reminders, and useful triggers can move patients along in the registration or follow-up process.

The secure Salesforce cloud can help facilities address HIPAA compliance and protect sensitive patient information.

Top benefits

  • Supports collaborative care
  • Streamlines workflows
  • Triggers ensure patients get the follow-ups they need

Choosing the Right CRM for Your Practice

A CRM that’s a good fit for your medical practice can save your staff time on repetitive tasks, solve the most pressing problems your practice faces, and help you better connect with patients to deliver a top-quality experience. When choosing your new CRM, think carefully about the types of challenges you need to solve and the tasks you want the tool to perform.

While price will always be a consideration when deciding which CRM is right for your business, consider the value the tool can deliver. A CRM that lets your staff create a better patient experience can lead to an improved reputation for your practice, increased leads, and a larger patient base. Those factors can make a CRM a valuable addition to your business, and the tool may well pay for itself.

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This article was updated on March 29, 2022.