Early last month, Atlantic.Net officially announced that all virtual private servers received an upgrade that provides an increased outbound data transfer capacity of 1 terabyte (TB), absolutely free. This gives our customers the ability to send 1,000 times more outbound data from their cloud servers than previously available. This essentially eliminates bandwidth costs, ultimately saving you more money. But, what does the phrase “1TB of outbound data transfer” actually mean?

First, let us explore the concept of the terabyte. A terabyte (TB) is a unit of measurement for digital information. For comparison purposes, one terabyte equals one trillion bytes, or 1,000 gigabytes (GB).

When the first hard disk drives were created in the 1950s, they were the astonishing size of a household refrigerator. Even though they were massive in size, they only had the capacity of a few megabytes (MB). In 1982, the first IBM PC was released, and this computer had a storage capacity of just 5 MB. Three decades later, a major improvement was released to the general public—a 1TB disk drive that is just 2.5 inches wide—perfect for a laptop computer. In 2012, a 1TB USB flash drive was created—a concept that would have baffled the inventor of the original hard drives in the 1950s.

In 2007, 1TB hard disks cost over $350. Just five years later, you can find the same capacity for under $100. For just a little more money, you can purchase a 4TB hard drive at $179.

To imagine how much information a terabyte of storage can hold, consider the following information. One terabyte of audio recorded at studio quality will contain around 2,000 hours of audio. The same amount of storage will hold around 620,000 photos. This is surely enough space, even for most professional photographers. With a 1TB hard drive, you can store 2,000 hours of digital videos and around 1,000 hours’ worth of DVD-quality movies.

Near the end of May, tech company Yahoo! unveiled a new interface for its popular high-quality image and video hosting site, Flickr. This update included a new key feature in the hopes of reeling in new visitors from across the world—a whole terabyte of free space per user! This is approximately 70 times bigger than the storage capacity offered by other image hosting websites.

Next, let us investigate the concept of data transfer. In a self-explanatory fashion, data transfer references the volume of information transferred to and from your website. For example, every time a customer looks at your inventory in your online store, data is transferred. Each time a visitor purchases an item, more data is being transferred. Additionally, any email sent to you at your domain name consumes data.

Essentially, the concept of data transfer and allocated amounts should be a key factor in choosing a hosting provider. With the increase of 1TB of outbound data transfer, you can rest assured knowing that your information will continue running steadily and at a good price; Atlantic.Net’s award-winning cloud server hosting plans start at only $0.007 per hour. That’s just $5.11 per month!

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Our proven cloud server hosting guarantee includes a 100% guaranteed network uptime, 100% guaranteed cloud server hardware, and a 100% guaranteed infrastructure. Do you see a pattern yet?

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Now that Atlantic.Net has increased the previous capacity of outgoing data transfers to 1TB, you can clearly see that this is a big deal. What are you waiting for? Contact Atlantic.Net today and see VPS hosting prices.