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How to Fix Automatic Disconnects from WHM & cPanel

Verified and Tested 03/24/2015


You have noticed from using your cPanel & WHM server that you are constantly getting disconnected from the Web GUI and not being allowed back in. The following change below will remedy the issue. Please note that cPanel & WHM does have an automatic timeout logout period, but the fix we are applying is when you are actively using cPanel & WHM and are disconnected.


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Fix Automatic Disconnects from WHM & cPanel

The fix is simply changing an option in the settings of WHM. To do this, log into WHM and find the “Tweak Settings” option on the left sidebar. If you do not see it, you may type “tweak” in the search bar, and it should filter the left bar so you can see it.

Once in Tweak Settings, you will go to the “Security” tab. There, you can find the Cookie IP Validation segment. It should look similar to the below.

Under the Security Setting of Tweak setting, select Cookie IP Validation to Disabled.


This defaults to strict. You will want to set it to disabled and then scroll down and hit the “Save” button. This will stop the automatic disconnects you are receiving from WHM.


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