PayPal payments are now accepted for all Atlantic.Net services and solutions

Paypal Payments

Today we began accepting PayPal payments for all our services and solutions. PayPal is an online payments system with 305 million active customers across most countries. It serves as an electronic alternative to traditional payment methods like checks, money orders, and credit/debit cards by allowing people to transfer funds electronically between individuals and businesses directly from their PayPal account. This presents a significant opportunity to increase our revenues by opening our services up to clients that do not wish to use a credit or debit card or prefer to pay in advance for their services.

“Based on feedback we have received and to better serve an ever-growing customer base, we are introducing the ability for our customers to pay with PayPal. As we continue to expand our business and footprint internationally, PayPal payments will help further accelerate our growth in all markets,” said Marty Puranik, CEO and Founder of Atlantic.Net. “Having an additional payment option for our customers is particularly important as we plan to introduce additional international cloud locations to the market.”

To learn more about making payments for your Atlantic.Net Cloud services, please visit: