Author: Sam Guiliano

Most Common HIPAA Violations & Tips to Stay Compliant

HIPAA Violations & Tips to Stay Compliant The Security and Privacy Rules of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protect every patient’s health information. Healthcare providers, health plans, and health clearinghouses are the three categories of organizations that are considered covered entities under the Act, so all businesses in those industries must be […]

Risk Management for Healthcare Cloud Hosting

Following a two-year deceleration of cloud growth, the technology again gathered steam in 2015. With the vast majority of healthcare providers now adopting cloud, it’s become critical to consider risk management for this transition. Here is a five-stage plan to see your organization through. Slow-Down & Speed-Up of Cloud in Business Hybrid Cloud and Risk […]

Cloud Backend: The Chief Concern for IoT Standards?

The Internet of thing is growing at a breathtaking pace. That means connectivity at both home and work will become more and more complex. As the IoT makes computing increasingly complicated, some say we should be concerned primarily with the backend rather than interoperability. Speed of IoT Growth A Jumble of Disconnected Cloud Services The […]

Could Cloud Computing Cure Cancer?

Angelina Jolie used genomic sequencing to learn that she was highly likely to eventually develop breast cancer, allowing her to make an informed decision and get a double mastectomy. However, celebrities aren’t the only ones who can benefit from advanced genetic analysis – which is now much more affordable and accessible thanks to projects such […]

Achieving HIPAA Compliance with Mobile Devices

Last year, Google Fit and Apple Health brought health applications into the mainstream.  Developers unfamiliar with this space must learn how to maintain HIPAA compliance. Study: Health IT will Change Rapidly Possible PHI Issues Example: Mobile HIPAA Provider Selection Story A Simple and Predictable Plotline Study: Health IT will Change Rapidly Two major trends, a […]

How to Make an RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) Server HIPAA Compliant

Remote Desktop Protocol and HIPAA Compliance Client Needs System for Nationwide Remote Desktop The perspective of Complete Healthcare Solutions Security Increasingly Critical in Healthcare RDP Servers and HIPAA Compliance Remote desktop protocol (RDP) can be made HIPAA compliant (HIPAA Compliant RDP Server Hosting) with the help of a HIPAA-compliant hosting company. Healthcare security and HIPAA […]

Ensuring Cloud Compliance In Regulated Industries

Why is Cloud Computing Worth the Effort for Regulated Companies? What Are You Up Against? What Can You Do to Adopt Cloud Effectively? Partners that Understand Compliance The businesses that run into the most difficulties when transitioning to cloud computing solutions are strictly regulated, such as finance and healthcare. What are the challenges? How can they […]

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