Are You Considering Colocation? Ask Prospective Data Centers These 9 Questions to Make the Right Decision

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When you look into colocation, what you need to know to find the right data center is a more limited list than with web hosting because you are providing all the equipment yourself. However, a number of crucial questions beyond price remain. Top concerns are provided below, boiled down into ten questions, in two categories:

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What do I need for colocation hosting? (& comic)

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Are you considering colocation? It’s not easy to find balanced information on the topic because the top search rankings are dominated by companies pitching their own colocation services. There are three primary questions you need to answer to be able to confidently choose colocation:

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Why Do Companies Colocate?

Colocation is one of the options for hosting offered at Atlantic. With colocation, you get space and bandwidth. Essentially, you are taking advantage of the expertise of a hosting company for providing the right type of physical environment for your hardware and its abilities to properly and effectively feed you onto the web.

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Is Linux VPS Hosting Right for Your Website?

If you have done your research, you know that there are a few basic categories of traditional website hosting—Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated web hosting, colocation, etc. In terms of affordability, purchasing a VPS plan is a smart choice. But what operating system should you have installed?

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Pros and Cons of Colocation

by: Reuben Yonatan, Tech Enthusiast and Analyst at GetVoIP & CloudHostingHQ, providing guidance to Voice Over IP and Cloud Computing consumers.

A colocation center, sometimes shortened to just “colo,” is a facility in which businesses rent space inside a dedicated facility. The space is often provided by an Internet service provider, or it has gateways to ISPs and PSTN carriers. The facility provides the space, the power and cooling, and bandwidth. Some facilities include security monitoring for an additional fee. The customer puts in their own equipment, like servers. There are advantages to placing your servers in a colocation facility, and also some reasons why it might be better to have your own dedicated site.

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Major Consideration When Choosing a Data Center: Don’t Choose One Near an Airport!

Last Friday, a plane crashed shortly after taking off from the airport in Fort Lauderdale, killing 3 people and causing a lot of property damage.  Apparently, the plane departed from the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, realized something was wrong, and tried to circle back around and land – unfortunately, this effort was unsuccessful.

The plane crashed within 2 miles of Peak 10’s data center in Fort Lauderdale.  As a result of this unexpected plane crash, many people are raising questions about the location of Peak 10’s data center and why they chose to locate it in such close proximity to a major airport.  Similarly, there are many other data centers all over the world that are located in close proximity to airports, including right here in Orlando, Florida.

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