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Detect Linux Security Holes and Rootkits with Rkhunter on Ubuntu 20.04

Rkhunter is a command-line utility used to scan the local system for rootkits, backdoors, and possible local exploits. It also scans for hidden files, wrong permissions set on binaries, suspicious strings in kernel, and many more potential security problems. Rkhunter works by comparing local files with hashes in an online database. It scans the Linux systems to find out if the server is infected by any rootkits.

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Top 10 DSP Providers

Dr. Rachael Bailey January 21, 2021 by under VPS Hosting 0 Comments

A Demand-Side Platform (DSP) is a web-based platform that allows media buyers to purchase digital ad inventory from multiple sources through a single interface. As a part of the Programmatic Advertising ecosystem, the DSP acts as a central repository, integrating with ad exchanges and other sources, such as SSPs (Supply Side Platform). By acting as a middleman between publishers and media buyers, DSPs help to streamline the process of ad buying, making it significantly cheaper, quicker, and more efficient. 

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Top 10 HIPAA Web Conference Software Companies

Web conferencing software is nothing new and, in some industries, it has been a valuable tool for decades. However, as much of the world’s workforce has shifted to working from home in 2020, video conferencing has transformed from a helpful supporting technology for businesses into an essential tool across the workforce that is keeping the majority of businesses up and running.

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How to Find a Data Center for Edge Computing Colocation

Edge computing is growing in popularity. Organizations have begun to unlock edge computing’s potential to provide them with a competitive advantage over market rivals or improve the functionality of distributed Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems. Edge computing is akin to an extension of, or improvement to, the power inherent to cloud computing. By bringing computing power closer to data sources, edge computing can provide better system response time and more efficient bandwidth usage.

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How To Install RethinkDB on CentOS 8

RethinkDB is a free and open-source No-SQL database manager that can be used in applications that require continuous access to data. It has very minimal response times and updates and supports the most popular languages, including PHP, Java, Ruby, and Python. RethinkDB is designed with automatic failover and robust fault tolerance. It uses a new database access model instead of polling for changes. RethinkDB also offers a built-in web interface to manage the database.

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How to Install Rundeck on CentOS 8

Rundeck is a free and open-source tool used for managing multiple servers from a single server. Written in Java programming language, Rundeck provides a web-based interface to perform all administrative tasks. It uses a MySQL/MariaDB database to store the job definitions and execution history. Rundeck comes with a lot of tools that make it easier for you to scale up your automation efforts.

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