How Can My Company Prepare for a Move to the Cloud?

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Taking the step to move your business to the cloud requires a fair amount of preparation and thought.  To help prepare your company for public, private, or even hybrid cloud adoption, here are a few areas you should focus on:

Identify what you want in the cloud: Cloud computing does not always have to be thought of as an “all or nothing” project.  Think about your current IT solution and the functionality that it offers your business.  Is there potential to make a specific aspect of your company’s operations run smoother, like email marketing or running a database?  This could be a perfect opportunity to take advantage of cloud hosting.  Identifying what you want from the cloud is the first step.

Understand how to work with APIs:  Most cloud applications are built with APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), which perform key tasks in helping the application operate effectively.  The cloud API can modify the resources available to operate the application, provide an interface that enables a specific capability, and offer methods to interface and extend the application on the Internet.  Therefore, you will need staff that understands how to work effectively with APIs.

Deal with distributed security: When you move to the cloud, security will no longer mean simply needing a user ID and password to access company resources.  From now on, you will encounter identity-based security to access the many parts that make up the cloud, including the use of APIs.

Ultimately, cloud computing should benefit your business without reducing its functionality.  Moving your business to the cloud is a fairly simple process, but if your company is not ready for the move, it may cause unwanted stress for your staff.

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