BarCamp Orlando 2010

Glenn April 15, 2010 by under Marketing 0 Comments

9:30 – Wall Street Plaza –

It was a beautiful day in Orlando, with temperatures in the high 70’s and not a cloud in sight!  Atlantic.Net, a two-time sponsor, was out in full force to mingle with industry professionals at BarCamp Orlando 2010! I arrived, bright and early, to sign Josh W. up for his very first presentation on Clustered Hosting.  This year’s event was hopping with programmers, developers, entrepreneurs, and inventors who were more than eager to share their knowledge and ideas!

This being my first BarCamp, I was a little overwhelmed by the rush of people who jumped at the presentation board.  I squeezed myself in, to politely sneak up to the board, and select our speaking time slot and topic.  Luckily, I was able to secure our spot on the board, 2:00 – Clustered Hosting by Josh W. of Atlantic.Net!  Not too shabby for an old gal.

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BarCamp Tampa Bay 2009

Glenn October 1, 2009 by under Marketing 0 Comments

As I settle down to ink my day at the “creme-de-la-unconference” of the year, I am looking for words that can contain my enthusiasm, tether the free spirit that runs amok at the BarCamps, and still capture the essence of what was a day replete with fun, sharing, networking, learning, and being involved with shaping the future of information technology (IT).

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